So, you want to grow your IT business. You have a fair amount of clients but would love to add more. Chances are you’ve taken the plunge with SEO, a website redesign, and a full blown pay per click campaign. Perhaps you’ve even stuck your toe into the social media waters. But have you taken the time to track where your leads are coming from? And more importantly, where your newest customers are coming from?

Go ahead and run the numbers, what you find will likely surprise you. When I challenged my peer group members to track the source of their newest customers, the results were consistent across the board: Client referrals.

Referrals? Yes, that’s right, even we were shocked; approximately 60% of our new business was tracked directly back to a referral from one of our current customers. And they cost us nothing because we weren’t asking for their help.

Referrals are great, now how do you get more of them? The first logical step is to create a referral program, with a communication plan and some rewards to help drive awareness.

One of the more successful campaigns I’ve seen is the use of a split bonus plan, that gives the referral and the referee an equal reward. Now that’s a win-win-win!

Another idea I’ve seen executed is small token rewards given to any current client who refers someone, regardless of whether they sign.

It’s not important to get it perfect right out of the gate. You will likely need to tweak and fine-tune your program for your market and your client base.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t neglect your biggest new lead generation engine, the clients that are ready and willing to promote your company. Have you tried any referral promotions that yielded real results? That flopped? Please share.

Adam Slutskin

Adam Slutskin

Adam’s uncanny ability for uncovering hidden talent, and his dedication to putting customers first, has enabled him to lead his team to record sales month after month. Adam joined ConnectWise in 2010 as a Director...

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One thought on “Lead Generation: Maximize Your Number One Source

  1. Great article. Client referrals are a great way to find new business.

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