Welcome to the final part of our Booked up, Busy & Billable series! We’ve already discussed how to overcome time-tracking objections, make the morning commute profitable, finish time entries ASAP, and keep techs communicating. Now, we’re turning our attention to training  your techs to be proactive.

An open dialog between your techs, clients, and sales team could lead to new billable opportunities for your company. Because your techs spend so much time on-site or remotely servicing customers, they’re very familiar with client pain points. And because of their technical prowess, they’re perfectly positioned to make expert recommendations to alleviate these pains.

Help your techs make the most of their client observations by:

1. Asking Techs to Document Potential Opportunities

In your weekly team meeting, talk about how much your company values tech insights about client needs. Encourage your techs to start capturing all potential opportunities for enhancements in a separate ticket at the end of each customer visit.

For instance, if a customer’s wireless network is sluggish, it might be time for a better router or more reliable Internet service provider. Putting this info in the hands of your sales team empowers them to proactively go after that business. And ultimately, you’ll look like the subject matter expert, boost your billable hours, and curb clients from getting to a point where they feel they need to consider switching to another technology service provider.

2. Asking Sales Reps to Follow-up with Techs

It can’t all be on your techs. Your sales guys should periodically follow up with your techs, too. Some clients will never spend more than the absolute minimum, but your sales rep might be privy to other clients who need to use grants in a certain timeframe, or might want to invest in upgrading their infrastructure soon. If your sales reps keep techs in the loop, they’ll be able to focus their recommendations on receptive clients.

3. Rewarding the Proactive

If you want to create a culture of proactivity, you have to encourage it. Developing a rewards systems is a good way to do that. It doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or complicated, but awarding a monthly or quarterly reward for the most proactive new deal for existing clients is a good way to keep your team motivated to ask for more.

Driving proactive communication between sales reps and techs will undoubtedly push your billable time upward. It’s an easy way to symbiotically get more from—and give more value to—your clients.

Craig Fulton

Craig Fulton

Craig’s IT career began in 1995, with a letter from the U.S. Marines declaring that his specialty would be ‘Small Computer Systems.’ He achieved certifications in Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco. After the Marines, he...

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