The new ConnectWise user interface (UI) is designed to be brain friendly, meaning it’s customizable enough that it can behave like an extension of you.

In a nutshell, it works the way you do. Many partners are already benefiting from this one-of-a-kind user experience, and now we’re pleased to announce that 5 more features just moved into our new UI with the 2015.6 release.

Users can now customize Service Tickets, Activities, Expenses, Sales Funnel views, Time Entries, and Finance screen views.

Here’s what’s new in the 2015.6 ConnectWise UI:

1. Service Tickets

You can now hide non-required fields, make additional fields required, and even create your own custom fields.

Bonus: We’ve made it even easier to quickly add yourself to a Service Ticket with the Assign Me feature. Just one click on the ‘Assign Me’ button, and you’re added as a resource.

2. Activities

Activities are now in the new user interface with the addition of a few brain friendly enhancements!

3. Expenses

Both the Expense Reports and the Expense Entry screens are now in the new user interface, along with an enhanced Audit Trail—so you can easily view a service ticket’s entire history at a glance.

4. Company Finance Screen

The Company Finance screen is also now in the new UI. Now, as with all screens in the new UI, you can add custom fields!

5. Time Entry

The Time Entry screen has also been enhanced and plugged into the new UI. Now, there’s an Audit Trail on each Time Entry to track all updates and changes.

Bonus: We’ve added the option to require a reason for changing a time or expense entry at the time of it being rejected or reversed.

These are just 5 of the many new features that we’ve moved to the new, brain friendly ConnectWise UI in the 2015.6 release. Register now for one of the ConnectWise 2015.6 live webinars.

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See a new ConnectWise with 2015.6 (11 AM)

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See a new ConnectWise with 2015.6 (7 PM)

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April Taylor

April Taylor

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5 thoughts on “Get More Features in ConnectWise’s New UI

  1. Could you please stop changing the user interface? I understand releasing new versions and revisions for bug fixes to improve the application’s efficiency or to add new features; but ConnectWise’s UI changes dramatically with every update, both in functionality and aesthetics. The entire UI ‘s look and operation has been changed with each of the last updates we have installed. This makes using this application very frustrating.

  2. Hi April,

    We welcome the new changes to the point of the graphical “themed” modifications. We now find it difficult to read tables and charts within ConnectWise. For Example, the time sheet view is now nearly unreadable to me as someone with mild dyslexia. My ability to utilize the UI features has been hampered to such an extent that I am now struggling to keep up with normal tasks that took me a fraction of the time previously.

    On a final note, simple things seem to lack polish, such as our logo now being mismatched for the space that CW has relegated to the banner options at the top of the screen as well as certain windows budding up against others without any clearly defined spaces, looking poorly spaced.

    Hoping you review and take these comments and feedback seriously.


    Jonas McCoy

  3. Please provide a way for the users to change the fonts. Every time you update the clients the fonts are getting more and more difficult to read.

  4. Hey Tom, thanks for the feedback. Have you tried changing the view from Mouse Mode to Touch Mode? May not be the fix you are looking for, but it may help! There is documentation on how to do this here. I will pass along your suggestion to our UI team as well.

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