When it comes to your business, core values are the minimum requirements you need to be successful. They are the guiding principles that your company will operate on every day–a set of ideals that should cascade into every aspect of your life.

One of my favorite authors, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, can teach us a lot about core values. He believes, “Many companies have core values, but they don’t really commit to them. Maybe you learn about them on day 1 of orientation, but after that it’s just a meaningless plaque on the wall of your lobby.” He goes on to say that his company culture was built around his readiness to hire and fire based on their core values. He suggests that if you’re willing to do this, you will be well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand you want to build.

In this article, I’ll delve deeper into our own core values and demonstrate how we empower our colleagues to be brand ambassadors both inside and outside the office. I’ll provide you with usable examples so you can experience the same type of results in your own business.

For us, it all starts with being obsessed with partner success.

We Understand Your Business

Our company was created by people just like you, trying to solve their own business problems in a simpler, more efficient way. So we mean it when we tell you we understand your business and want to help you grow. We’re dedicated to making choices that lead to ongoing successes for our partners.

Set Up for Success

Our passion for partner success starts with creating and gathering the best resources to help you succeed. For example, every year we bring together the best and brightest in the industry at IT Nation and Automation Nation, the premier conferences for technology companies. We also have comprehensive resource centers where you can access everything from case studies and eBooks to interactive webinars and educational videos.

Your version of a client-driven focus might look different, but as long as you’re putting your clients’ needs ahead of everything else, you’re well on your way to becoming as obsessed with partner success as we are!

So…where do you start?

Make It Work for You

Making clients a priority isn’t a brand-new idea, but it’s a successful one that you can leverage for your business. Fostering a client-centered environment creates confidence with your clients that you can support them when they need it, and gives them peace of mind that you’re invested in their best interest. Here are five things you can do today to reap the benefits of a client-first focus.

  • Instantly Gratify.More than just a dependable relationship, clients are looking for lighting fast response times. It’s up to you to put the proper tools in place to ensure their questions, comments, or concerns are addressed in a flash.
  • Be Hands-On.Hold workshops and training sessions where your clients can learn about the latest products and services to further grow their business. They will value the opportunity to receive hands-on training with the end-goal of optimizing their investment in your tools.
  • Hit the Road.Let your clients know you care about their success by participating in industry tradeshows and conferences. These events present unique networking opportunities to gain new insight and discover best practices that will help you better serve your clients.
  • Ask for Help. Consistently invite your clients to share feedback about your products or services: good, bad or indifferent. Use this feedback as the driver for your service design process and you will keep them coming back for more.
  • Share the News. Always be transparent with your plans for the future. Create a roadmap and timeline as a representation of the vision that is shaped by your community.

So what does reinvention have to do with any of this? Reinvention is the key to sustainable business growth, and core values are the fuel that drives your forward momentum.

When your first concern is your clients’ success, your own success won’t be far behind. Even a small change in how you perform an action can transform a fickle client into a stable one.

So let’s channel wise Master Yoda for a moment: Client satisfaction is the path to long-term business success. Satisfaction leads to trust, trust leads to loyalty and loyalty leads to securing your role as a trusted advisor.

Next in our series we’ll explore a second core value–deliver on what you say–and present tips to improve communication and share your plan of intent.

Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas

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