Family movie night, a day on the golf course, catching up on some much-needed sleep—there’s a myriad of things you could be doing right now. Instead, you’re catching up on invoices. Because if there’s anything you know to be true, invoices are frequently the downside of your job. For every invoice you do, you’re missing the opportunity to do something even more important. That reality is a cold slap in the face: From sorting through your billing to the hours spent crunching numbers, matching invoice dates to performance periods and then double- and triple-checking that everything is correct, invoicing is a taunting task. But imagine turning that paradigm upside down. What if it wasn’t so horrible?

The result comes, in part, in the form of organization, a good checklist and top-notch technology. Don’t jump right into the pile of invoices taunting you. First, make sure your method is the best for your business.

Take these questions into account and start thinking about new ways to manage your invoices—you’d be surprised by all the easy-to-implement options available. Start asking yourself:

  1. What is the total value of invoices ready but not sent?
  2. Do you have any services with transactions that need to be calculated—Web services, phone calls, number of printed pages, data GB or MB for backup and storage?
  3. Do you invoice customers for expenses, product or time?
  4. Do you route invoices to account managers or a manager before spending?


Keep an open mind when you’re evaluating your answers and make sure to account for each facet of your business. Depending on your answers, you might want to consider automation tools, like those ConnectWise offers, that take the weight off your shoulders. You can focus on growing your business with the reassurance that your billing is up-to-speed. But when you rush through these steps on your own, you might run into problems.

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Craig Fulton

Craig Fulton

Craig’s IT career began in 1995, with a letter from the U.S. Marines declaring that his specialty would be ‘Small Computer Systems.’ He achieved certifications in Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco. After the Marines, he...

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