Welcome back! By virtue of the fact that you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’ve followed the advice in our No Marketing = Slow Growth blog, and you’re now overwhelmed by the sheer number of leads you’ve accrued.

Admittedly, that’s a fantastical scenario. However, regardless of whether you’ve got 10 leads or 10,000, the same qualifying and follow-up rules apply. To recap, lead generation is vital because it drives sales growth. Without good leads, you’ll struggle to push the needle. There are a number of marketing activities you can do to garner leads—email, social media, blog posts, direct mail, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and much more. By effectively communicating through these channels, you’ll build a database of leads.

Hooray, you’ve got leads! Now what?

It’s time to qualify and retarget.

Some leads you’ll collect will be cold. Weed those out. If you have Google Analytics , you can do this by tracking lead visits to different element on your website. It’s free if you generate fewer than 10 million hits per month. Once in place, if you have email addresses, you can begin a lead nurturing email campaign. Why email? Because it’s inexpensive and easily trackable. In fact, companies who implement email nurturing campaigns realize 50% more sales, at 30% less cost.

7 Steps for Lead Nurturing Email Campaign Success:

1.      Identify Lead Interests  

How did you acquire your leads? Define what made them so interested in you that they provided their contact information. If it makes sense, segment them even further. You can’t build nurturing tracks unless your messaging speaks to what your prospects want.

2.      Build Nurturing Tracks

Sending out the same email every week does not equal an email nurturing campaign. Focus on the nurturing part. Give little pieces of information, each time, that help prospects become more comfortable with, and excited about what you’re selling. Slowly earn their trust with thought leadership. Nurturing tracks can be managed with a business management platform like ConnectWise.

3.      Don’t Write a Novel

If you can’t quickly sum up your message, you’ll lose prospects. Emails should be concise and clean.

  • Subject line length: 7 words or less
  • Headline: 10 words or less
  • Core message: 75 words or less
  • Paragraphs: should contain no more than 3 brief sentences.
  • Call to action: Clickable and 5 words or less. If clicked, it should send the prospect to relevant content, not just your website’s home page.

4.     Catch Their Eye

What makes you want to open an email? Something grabs your interest, right? Use those same principles when penning your own communications. Great subject lines are short, and offer something—5 tips, ‘how to’ advice, a limited-time discount—or ask a compelling question that resonates with the audience: Are you tired of burning leads?

5.     Send Sparingly

Don’t email your leads every day. It’s annoying. These people don’t know you that well, so don’t spam them. Best practice: send an email every two weeks. No more, no less. And when you do send, keep your “from” information consistent. You can send from either yourself or your company, but decide which course you want to take, and then keep it consistent throughout your campaign.

6.    Invite Sales to the Table

On the off week, when your leads aren’t receiving an email from you, tell your Sales team to follow up. This way, you’ll put a name and voice to your company.

7.    Avoid CAN-SPAM Fines

In a nutshell, you must include an ‘unsubscribe’ button within every email you send as well as a physical address where recipients can reach you; and, you must remove contacts from your list within 10 days of receiving initial unsubscribe requests.

Email marketing is just one of the many ways you can spread seeds for sales growth. And, it’s a great place to start your marketing efforts because it’s cost effective. To maximize your lead-to-sale conversion ratio, implement a diverse nurturing plan that uses multiple marketing mediums.

What are you biggest lead-nurturing challenges? Tell us in the comments below.

Mark Sokol

Mark Sokol

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