Content control = security + productivity

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This blog post was contributed by a guest author from Bitdefender.

As a technology solution provider (TSP) you’ve got a big job. Not only are you responsible for machines and systems, but for an even bigger variable – the customers that use them. While you’re managing your customers, and their personnel and IT policies, you’re also up against increasingly sophisticated attacks on their data and system security. So, while users are roaming the internet, clicking on links, and downloading who knows what, you’re scrambling to keep them safe.

Content control is key

Content control, or content filtering, arms you for a fairer fight by giving you the ability to control access to websites. Increase productivity—and limit risk—by scaling back access to social media sites during work hours, or shut down whole categories to keep gambling and gaming from putting your systems in danger.

Proactive protection

When you combine content control with other employee-focused security tools, you create a proactive layer of security that effectively heads off problems before they start. Other key technologies include:

    • Web scanning

Access a database of malicious URLS and proactively scan sites, then block users from risky sites

    • Search advisor

Flag dangerous sites before the user ever leaves the search engine

    • Anti-phishing

Protect users malicious content within a site or email

The best defense is a good offense, and proactively keeping your clients away from danger is an essential layer of offense. Because Content Control is employee-focused security, it is easy to understand, which makes it easier for you to upsell it with security and enhanced employee productivity.

Not sure where to start? Bitdefender™ Cloud Security for MSPs is a complete security suite for protecting both desktops and servers. It offers top-ranked antivirus/anti-malware for Windows, MAC, and Linux. You’ll also get:

  • Content control
  • Search advisor
  • Web scanning
  • Anti-phishing
  • Application control (blacklist applications that should not run on an endpoint)
  • Device control (control which external devices can be attached to any endpoint)
  • Two-way firewall (critical for laptops that physically leave the network)

The complete security suite is managed from a single cloud console and provides extraordinary value with monthly costs equal to a standalone antivirus product. Bitdefender will also be launching an optional full-disk encryption module in July as part of Cloud Security for MSPs. ConnectWise now sells Bitdefender, so contact your account manager to learn how to upgrade your antivirus to a full security suite, Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs