How ConnectWise helps you protect your house

| By:
Jeff Aliber

We’re well into National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and by now, you’ve hopefully come to understand the importance of taking action to protect yourself and your clients.

You may be aware that this year’s NCSAM theme is ‘Do Your Part.’ The takeaway from that is that it’s not the MSP's sole responsibility or the technology stack to protect one’s house. Small-and-medium-sized business (SMB) owner and respective employees all need to play an active role in being cyber smart. It truly takes a combination of people, processes, and technology to ward off threats.

ConnectWise is proud to support partners with a variety of software and solutions to meet their cybersecurity needs. Ahead, we’ll explore what’s available to partners and how to use these solutions to your advantage today.

Technology and products

ConnectWise offers various solutions to meet the needs of all MSPs, from remote monitoring and management to business automation to quoting/proposal software.

Regarding cybersecurity, the ConnectWise Fortify™, formerly a Continuum solution, product suite helps you persistently monitor and prevent threats, expose endpoint and security gaps to identify what needs to be changed, remove tech staff burdens through access to a full SOC, and keep clients compliant with server and account configuration reporting. Five different ConnectWise Fortify products cover everything from endpoint protection to SaaS applications and network security. Explore more here.

Technology training

The ConnectWise University is a knowledge hub available to partners to support and enhance the use of any products in the suite. There are training modules, information relating to product features and updates, business best practices, how-to videos, and opportunities to onboard new hires.

MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework

Many MSPs are security-minded but are perhaps looking to become experts in the field. The MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework is a guide that defines what good cybersecurity looks like for SMBs so they can identify where they are in the journey. A maturity model is used to measure the skills that a partner can apply to their security services based on the level of security education completed.

From there, the framework helps SMBs build a security program that prioritizes cybersecurity as a service. The MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework is a combination of industry best practices and numerous cybersecurity experts focused on the SMB market.

Security education and training

Cybersecurity is ever-evolving and changing and thus requires continuous learning and optimizing of services offered. The IT Nation Secure Playbooks are used to build and expand the skills required to implement a security program.

In addition, various IT Nation Certify, certifications by ConnectWise, training can be found throughout the year and are created specifically for different roles. For example, there is training for Sales/Owners, Engineers, vCISO, and more.

Community of peers

The IT Nation is a professional community of industry experts, peers, and friends who lean on each other for personal and professional growth and advancement. It’s a community focused on collaborating and pushing technology forward in a way that all can benefit from.

IT Nation Secure, cybersecurity by ConnectWise, is the community hyper-focused on cybersecurity, and through it, MSPs can learn how to successfully become security-first while leaning on peers for expertise and guidance.

Moving you forward

With the strength of ConnectWise behind them, SMBs can continue formulating and optimizing their security services to be the all-encompassing technology solutions provider for their clients.

Cybersecurity threats are very real and growing every day. SMBs need to act now to protect their house, put together an assessment plan, and use risk assessments to drive conversations forward.

SMBs can no longer afford to wait to make cybersecurity a priority, and the ConnectWise network will continue to support businesses on their journey.