Understanding the ConnectWise Ecosystem

Understanding the ConnectWise Ecosystem blog post

In today’s industry, technology solution providers (TSPs) like you are facing a new threshold of business challenges. Because ConnectWise was created with the singular goal of solving your everyday business problems, that means it’s time for us to grow even further from our traditional software roots to focus on the things you need most to maintain and grow your business as a TSP.

That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you get connected to the power of a thriving Ecosystem of technology services; a broad network of customers, partners, and solutions that provide you the power to meet your customers’ needs by connecting you to tools, solutions, and relationships engineered to fuel your expansion and perfect your service offering.

So, what is the Ecosystem?

At the heart of it, the ConnectWise Ecosystem is designed to create a winning outcome for everyone that takes part in it. It’s an open, scalable platform that provides an unprecedented variety of choices for TSPs and their customers, keeping prices competitive and delivering scalable integrations that enhance the user experience and create opportunities for increasingly improved service.

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The Ecosystem stays vibrant, reliable, and valuable through a careful curation that allows every user the most complete, accurate matching of users to the solutions they need most. By allowing you to connect directly to every service and solution that fulfills the unique needs of you and your clients, the Ecosystem connects your Technology Teams to the Solutions Menu and makes it simpler for you to deliver services and solutions.

In today’s world, every business is a technology business. Everyone relies on technology to run their businesses, keep the lines of communication open, and create new opportunities. The best-in-breed solutions within the Ecosystem allow you to work within a single pane of glass instead of multiple portals. With hundreds of Solutions Partners, the incredible growth of the Ecosystem is giving our partners a chance to do more than ever before.

The Solutions Menu

How do you take the first steps down that path to success? It starts with your perspective. Your customers, and their unique needs, can be understood in part through the lens of the Solutions Menu, which was introduced as the technology canvas. This is an approach to defining and better meeting your service needs with a clear definition of the different ways each of your customers rely on you for support.

The Solutions Menu organizes the Ecosystem into 15 categories, with a place for every solution in one of the categories on the Solutions Menu. Technology Teams deliver their catalog of services with solutions from the Solutions Menu.

As you consider the needs of each of your clients, you’ll start to see the different Technology Teams that make up each customer’s business, and the specific needs that each unique combination of Solutions Menu squares requires. Turning to the Ecosystem to meet those needs, you’ll see the kind of growth and success you and your customers are looking for happening faster.

An Ecosystem Story

Ben Johnson, CEO of Liberty Technology, has seen incredible successes with the power of the Ecosystem, which has allowed him to provide uniquely powerful ways to better meet his customers’ needs, expand his service offering, and integrate all of the products he needs to get the job done. By using the entire ConnectWise platform and integrated third-party solutions, Ben can focus first on the specific needs of each of his unique customers, offering them unique services that are bringing in $7mil in annual revenue. And thanks to Ben’s insider view of the Ecosystem, ConnectWise has been able to build an even bigger bridge by connecting to Cisco with ConnectWise Unite.

What’s Next

Having the power of choice sets you up to deliver excellence in all your practice areas. That’s why we’re focused on building and growing this powerful Ecosystem to provide access to the tools that will extend your reach, expand your capabilities, and help you not just reach but exceed their goals to become sustainable, successful businesses.

With solutions and integrations designed to drive your growth, you can extend your reach and service offerings. By proactively working together with our partners and trusted vendors to build strong alliances and tailor solutions, we help ensure a thriving marketplace where we all benefit from sustainable, successful businesses.

You’re planning for success. I’m here to issue you a challenge as you undertake your planning. What are your customers asking for, and how can you use that information as a starting point for new opportunities to grow your business and improve your service offering? It starts with the Ecosystem.

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