The IT Nation: It’s More Than a Conference

| By:
Corie Leaman

You know the feeling of arriving at a home game in full team regalia, logging in to join your gaming guild for a new quest, or walking through the door of your mom and dad’s house? It’s that sweet mixture of excitement, familiarity, and comfort.

It’s the feeling of belonging.

You can experience that feeling when you walk down the halls at our annual IT Nation conference in Orlando, Florida. But the IT Nation is so much more than a yearly gathering of technology solution providers. It’s a family that we’re inviting you to become a part of.

And no one knows more about what it’s like to belong to this embodiment of the we’re-in-this-together spirit than our partners.

Here’s what the IT Nation means to our community in their own words:

The IT Nation is pride in your work

“There’s a responsibility that comes with it. As a member of this IT Nation, I take it very seriously to make certain that I am carrying that mantle, and making certain that we are always putting our best foot forward in giving a good name to managed services.”

- Brian Marshall, vCIO, Velocity Network

The IT Nation is collaboration

"Being a part of the IT Nation means automatically, I have a large community of people who are willing to help me work through some problems I’m experiencing. Who I am able to network with on a professional level [with people] who kind of geek out over the same things that I do."

- Tasha Forsman, IS LAN Support Specialist, Ramsey County

The IT Nation is passion for service

“To me, being a member of this IT Nation means that I am surrounded by people with the same passion that I have, and that is customer service. You’re not looking out for your own interests, but the interests of those you serve and that’s great.”

- Christian Vazquez, Service Desk Manager, Teknologize

The IT Nation is self-improvement

“So, being part of IT Nation is important for Aldridge, and it's important for myself and the other techs, to have a foundation of people that you can reach out to. Being on the user groups, and being on the forums, and calling and asking, and collaborating…[I]f you don't have the opportunity to get feedback from people that have done it differently, or even are coming from other industries, you're not going to be able to improve yourself.”

- Curtis Forsyth, Senior Technical Manager, Aldridge Company IT Services

The IT Nation is an all-star team

“Being part of the IT Nation means that you’re part of the premiere service providers on the planet. You are not playing the A game; you’re not playing Major League ball; you’re playing the MVP game.”

- Ian Richardson, CEO, Doberman Technologies

The IT Nation is camaraderie

“To me, being a part of the IT Nation community is having people that I can rely on to just maintain communication with, to bounce ideas off of, fully in the spirit of collaboration and not competition.”

- Eric Hoffmaster, Director of Operations, Innovative Computing Systems

The IT Nation is paying it forward

“To me, being part of the IT Nation means giving back. Everybody in the nation is so open and generous with their tools, with their ideas, with their thoughts, and I enjoy being a part of it because they help me and I like to think that I help others.”

- William Young, Director of Operations, Brammeier Computer Services

No matter who you are, you always have a place with us. So the question is…what will the IT Nation mean to you?