IT Nation Europe 2018: Catch up with the keynote

| By: Arnie Bellini

IT Nation Europe is our annual opportunity to bring together our partners, solution partners, and colleagues for an event designed to inspire, support, and discover. Whether you’re there for networking, business best practices, thought leadership, or all of the above, when you’re a part of IT Nation Europe, you’re a part of our incredible community of like-minded technology experts.

It takes a team

This year’s IT Nation Europe was all about the power of teams, so I took to the mainstage with a keynote focused on better ways for your teams to grow and thrive. I shared the foundational elements of our own growth—culture, innovation, strategy, and enthusiasm—and Craig Fulton, our CPO, helped attendees get a closer look at how the ConnectWise Ecosystem can help you build a more resilient business.

The ConnectWise Ecosystem is the world we live and work inside of. It starts with customers—the current ones and the ones you haven’t reached yet—who form the basis of our industry. On the foundation of those customers, we layer all the solutions you need to get the job done properly. The next layer is every service and technology your customers need. And finally, forming the connective tissue that holds it all together and allows it to interact, is your Technology Teams. Your Tech Teams are the glue of the Ecosystem, powering a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and delivering the solutions and services that drive their success.

We believe Technology Teams are creating a better future, which is why we provide the platform that connects Technology Teams to a thriving ecosystem of solutions, services, education, customers, and community dedicated to driving technology forward.

It takes the right solutions

Craig showed attendees the details of product updates that incorporate partner feedback to deliver continuously innovative solutions designed to help you work smarter. From product demos to pilot programs and more, he shared how you can get involved in some of these pilot programs, which you’ll see when you check out the recorded keynote!

It takes a recap

So, you missed this year’s IT Nation Europe? We missed you too, but we’ve got you covered. Keep an eye on our social media channels for links to our recorded sessions as soon as they are live. And while you’re waiting, comb through the rest of the blog for information on everything from building a culture to sales & marketing or managing managed services.