4 Keys to Collaboration

| By:
Arnie Bellini

In 2015, collaboration is more than just a buzzword. As technology evolves, and businesses seek new and innovative approaches to growth, the power of your supporting network is now vital to your path to success.

More often than not, we hear about the power of partnership across departments within our organizations. Most leaders will acknowledge that internal collaboration can make your business more efficient and better off in the long run. But what about the impact of collaboration externally?

It’s time to recognize your organization is part of a greater whole, and utilize the clout of your community. Start with best practices designed to help you make the most of your connections:

1. Self-Awareness

When you choose to collaborate with resources outside of your organization, you are forced to articulate what your company is great at—and also what you do poorly. This obligatory honesty about your strengths and weaknesses allows you to better acknowledge where you need help from others, and also how your strengths can help your peers.

2. Tapping In

As our organizations grow, it’s easy to lose our capacity for learning as we focus on day-to-day tasks. But with constant external collaboration, you can create a culture of ongoing learning for your business. Meeting with your peers gives you better access to a larger supply of knowledge and expertise that can be used to grow your business.

3. Industry Trends

There is huge value in being well-informed and knowing the movements of the market. Collaborating with other solutions providers can give you that one-up on the next big thing, whether it’s a new accounting package or something as huge as cloud adoption.

4. Innovation

We’ve preached before about the necessity of reinvention for your business. It’s important to extend beyond your comfort zone to break away from the pack. And sometimes, all you need is an open discussion to spot the flaw in your plan. Working with your peers allows you a support network to lean on as you innovate.

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Collaborate with ConnectWise

At ConnectWise, we are dedicated to advancing your business by creating opportunities for you to connect, collaborate, and grow. We work hard to support open communication between our 90,000+ users, to empower their businesses and foster their success.

We’ve even created a dedicated Community Team to facilitate the kind of collaboration that can foster your future. We urge our partners to take advantage of the following Community Resources to better manage their businesses:

  • Regional User Group Meetings
  • ConnectWise University
  • ConnectWise Forums
  • Workshops, roadshows, webinars, & more!
IT Nation: The King of Collaboration

Our biggest Community initiative, IT Nation, is just around the corner and the BEST place to take advantage of all the ConnectWise community has to offer. Taking place this Nov. 11-13 in Orlando, FL, IT Nation will truly transform your business in just 3 days.

With over 2,500 solutions providers in attendance, you’re bound to find that one connection that holds the key to your collaboration castle. Attendees return to IT Nation year after year to revisit the connections they make within the ConnectWise Community, and take advantage of the value of our network of peers.

Registration is currently open for 2015, so sign up now. See how investing in a community centered on sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience can push you to the front of the pack.