The ConnectWise Automate Advantage

ConnectWise Automate Advantage

ConnectWise Automate will likely be the most versatile, flexible, and most powerful RMM platform you will ever find—if you give it a chance.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is defined as a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers.

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This definition is how I’ve gone through my 10 years in the IT field, but when I saw a demo of ConnectWise Automate, I went through a paradigm shift that altered my view on what an RMM tool should be.

Specifically, ConnectWise Automate brings an additional two pieces together in an RMM that are often ignored—remote management of endpoints and automation.

1) Remote Management of an Endpoint

Remotely and proactively monitoring an endpoint is great. However, being able to manage that endpoint without ever interrupting the end user is a big deal. While this is something a lot of top quality RMM platforms offer, ConnectWise Automate’s completely open database and powerful scripting engine makes it one of the most powerful platforms—in addition to the non-scripting tasks available.

In ConnectWise Automate, scripting allows to:

  • Manage Active Directory users with the AD plug-in
  • Manage shares, including printers for computers and mapped drives for users
  • Manage printers directly for specific user sessions on a computer
  • Execute commands directly using the back end command shell
  • Manage files, computers, or user registries remotely with remote file transfer and registry editor

Additionally, anything that can be done through these tools can be scripted, allowing for complete control over a computer without ever gaining remote access.

2) Automation and Efficiency

As mentioned above, the scripting engine has unprecedented power compared to the available scripts that can be run on competing platforms like N-able and Continuum. In addition to that, the various types of monitors that ConnectWise Automate allows you to setup essentially allow you to monitor for any result, either inside the proprietary ConnectWise Automate database or from a running command on an endpoint. From there, they can act based on those results. The only limitation here is your own imagination. If you can figure out what you want, ConnectWise Automate can do it for you.

An example is how we setup our Huntress Labs Agent Deployment. With the power of extra data fields (EDFs) and Remote Monitors, when a client agrees to pay for Huntress (a security offering that does breach detection), all we need to do is check a box under the client in ConnectWise Automate. Within minutes, scripts run that deploy monitors to make sure the Huntress agent is installed and functioning automatically, and our Service Agreement in our PSA is automatically updated with the latest agent counts for that client, so that billing happens automatically.

3) Online Community and Integrations

Although ConnectWise Automate redefines the meaning of RMM for us, the platform does not stop there. Being a completely open framework means that the software itself is fully customizable to your business needs. With ready-built solutions either by third-party vendors or by ConnectWise, you can increase the power of ConnectWise Automate ten-fold. The database containing all inventoried information is completely open for use, so you can report on or act on anything occurring that is inside the database.

The challenge many have with ConnectWise Automate is the forethought and planning it takes to get setup properly. However, a well-planned setup will give you a clear advantage, putting you well ahead of any competitor both in your proactive services and overall efficiency. This is where the online communities come into play. With places like LabTechGeek, where thousands of partners are willing to assist and help you hammer out details for your deployment by offering their experience and advice. The best thing about how ConnectWise Automate is built is that everything that’s made by ConnectWise uses the same functionality and features that we as partners have access to. We’re able to develop on ConnectWise Automate ourselves, and it’s not a hack or work around since it’s the same way ConnectWise builds their official solutions for us.

There is so much more to the platform than what I covered here. The enormity of ConnectWise Automate being what it is makes it difficult to boil it down to a single blog post. We have seen in the LTG community numerous partners who struggle with ConnectWise Automate initially, and they find it hard to get their head around how to properly tune or turn off default functionalities, or the best way to plan out a new expansion to the ConnectWise Automate framework. This is what makes the online community such a big deal. Come see us in the LTG Slack channel where you can get the collective input of thousands of partners in direct one-on-one chats. Browse the LabTechGeek forums and you can see how past partners with your challenges solved their issue. The ConnectWise University forums and documentation are an invaluable resource as well, with examples and instructions on how to get started to complete any task. The online communities are made up of partners who have found a passion automating and are eager to welcome new partners into the pack, so you can discover what it really means to have an RMM. One with the ConnectWise Automate advantage.

Mendy Green is an avid advocate in the ConnectWise Automate community, and works at IntelliComp Technologies as the Director of Technical Services. In his free time, he is very active in the LabTechGeek community by providing expert insights, partner advice, and more—all while venturing to the gym from time to time.

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