Understanding Cyberattacks from WannaCrypt

WannaCry Security Breach

Cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated, and more common, with every passing day. They present a continuous risk to the security of necessary data, and create an added layer of complication for technology solution providers and in-house IT departments trying to keep their clients’ systems safe and functional. Despite industry efforts and innovations, the world was…

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APT10 and Shadow Brokers: 5 Things You Need to Know

Automate Product Features

After learning of the latest operation by APT10 (Advanced Persistent Threat group 10), dubbed “Cloud Hopper”, Technology Solution Providers around the world got quite the scare this past weekend thanks to The Shadow Brokers’ “Lost in Translation” leak. Multiple media sources, like CNN, PC World, and Ars Technica, reported the leak contained numerous zero-day exploits,…

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Cyber-Threat Trends to Watch for in 2017


Faced with the volume and rapid evolution of cyber threats these days, technology solution providers (TSPs) may find offering cybersecurity to be a daunting task. But with the right knowledge to inform your security decisions, and the right solutions and mitigation strategies in place, organizations like yours can keep customers ahead of the rushing malware…

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4 Patch Management Practices to Keep Your Clients Secure

Patch Management Best Practices

Patching is vital to securing systems from known vulnerabilities, but it’s also a risk that can bring down those systems if you deploy a bad patch. In order to maintain the proper risk balance you should focus on patches that close vulnerabilities.

Become the Trusted Security Adviser Your Clients Need

Become a Trusted Security Adviser

These days, every organization needs someone they can trust for advice on IT security. Global enterprises like the Wall Street banks can afford to put one or more trusted security advisers on staff. Down on Main Street, most folks have to look outside the organization for trusted security advice, just as they do for trusted…

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5 Tips for Creating a Patch Management Strategy

Piriform Patch Management

Patch management plays a critical role in minimizing business risk caused by outdated software in any IT infrastructure. But for many companies it can feel like a never-ending cycle that inspires fear and lack of action.

Oh %#@&! Quick! Lock, Wipe, Scream

As an MSP, your clients expect you to protect them with rock-solid, complete security solutions that address all of the threats out there that could affect your customers. And here’s the thing—it’s your job to anticipate how those threats can present themselves; your clients are too busy running their businesses to pay attention to the…

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Retail VARs: It’s Time to Enter Security-as-a-Service


If you target the retail vertical, it’s time to start thinking about security-as-a-service offerings. Every business is a target, no matter its size, function or annual revenue. And security risks come from every direction—malware, social networks and even employees. Every business, including retail stores and restaurants, has information worth protecting, which makes security as a…

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