ConnectWise Wins Big at IT Europa Awards Gala

IT Europa Award

Break out the champagne and raise a glass because we’re proud to announce that ConnectWise has won the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) award at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2017! 

Path to Success: Project Management

An estimated $50 to $150 billion dollars is lost in the U.S. every year as a result of poor project management. Hitting closer to home, a Harvard Business Review study suggests that 1 in 6 IT projects overruns its budget by 200%. Don’t let bad project management practices obliterate your budgets. We know you work…

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Path to Success: Booked up, Busy & Billable

This month, we’ll cover topics many of us struggle with: how to keep your resources booked up, busy, and billable, and how to get more out of your resources without adding headcount. We’re declaring October to be the month of busy and billable! In this 5-part series, you can expect to discover actionable advice to…

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Path to Success: Consulting Best Practices

The “Oxford English Dictionary” defines consulting as “the action of seeking information or advice from someone with expertise in a particular area.” In the technology services industry, consulting goes one step further to provide customized solutions to customer-specific problems. This involves a process of discovery as each company possesses unique characteristics that affect the nature,…

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10 Things to Ask When Making Product Development Process Changes

The success of your product depends primarily on development. What do we mean by this? Simply that alignment of the preferences of your target market with net delivered client value (NDCV)—and key activities across your organization—results in a successful product. To achieve this victory, you must carefully vet every new product and/or service to ensure…

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Path to Success – Product Development

It is reasonable and fairly easy to understand that the success of a product is contingent on the ability to achieve alignment between the preferences of your target market, net delivered client value (NDCV) and the execution of key activities across the business. To achieve this success, any product or service you offer needs to…

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Path to Success: Customer Relationship Management

We know that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more than a listing of customer names and phone numbers. Its core purpose is to track a contact’s personality, preferences, what they value, and help build strong relationships.  This is accomplished by providing a historical view and analysis of your interactions with prospective, active and former customers,…

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Simple Steps to Improving Your Service Delivery

Ask anyone successful in the IT service management business and they’ll tell you. It’s not enough to focus solely on the implementation, system details and management of your client’s technology. What will best drive growth is building solid relationships with customers based on the quality of your service. Sounds simple, right? And it can be,…

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Changing Your Service Delivery Process? Start Here

To quote song lyrics from a ‘70s classic, don’t go changin’.  Admittedly, it’s human nature to prefer things just the way they are. But in reality, change can be extremely positive, particularly if it’s well thought out with an end goal of improvement in circumstances, process or results. As an IT service business professional, you…

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Mastering Service Delivery Through Ticketing

Every successful technology solution provider knows the truth. Efficiency through automation is essential to growth, but it’s customer satisfaction with service delivery that’s critical to long-term profitability. It’s not only the technology in place, but how it’s used—and incorporated into a relationship with clients—that shapes success.