Getting Clients to Buy Monthly Support Packages

Technical Support Packages

Everyone needs support. But if you’re not meeting your customers’ support needs, they’ll find someone who will. When I think back on my own managed services practice, I remember alienating more than a few potential customers because we were only offering monthly service plans.

6 Steps to Client Onboarding Success

Client Onboarding Tips

Onboarding is the first time new clients get to see how you operate. It’s when first impressions are formed; impressions that could have a lasting impact. And if you don’t deliver on promises that were made during the sales process, what impression do you think they’ll be left with?

4 Steps to More Effectively Price Your IT Services

Pricing Your IT Services

In order to make sure your business is not only successful, but profitable, it’s important to know how to price your IT services. But how? No two companies offer the exact same services, methods, and quality, so it’s nearly impossible to establish a market wide standard price.

How PSA & RMM Integration Saved the Day for One TSP

PSA & RMM Integration Case Study

Brian Marshall is the vCIO of Velocity Network. We sat down with him recently to discuss how his team uses ConnectWise Manage and Automate to transform their internal operations.

11 Things to Cover in Your Managed Services Agreements

Managed Services Agreement

Have you ever opened up a product with ‘some assembly required’ that failed to include instructions (or included them, but only in a language you don’t understand)? So frustrating. Sadly, many clients feel the same way about their managed services agreements.

Are You Wearing Pants Under Your Desk?


When offering a managed service to clients, managing servers and endpoints—and managing them well—is important. That pretty much goes without saying. Devices, like desktops and phones, are the most visible and tangible part of the network to your clients. They’re the parts clients interact with all the time. So, when there are problems with endpoints,…

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Thinking Beyond the MSP Label

Technology Solutions Business

It’s easy for technology solutions businesses to use labels like managed services provider (MSP) to define their businesses. However, you could be pigeonholing yourself by labeling your business model as one specific thing.

3 Common Consequences of Slow Service

Solutions to Slow Service

Clients often demand immediate technical support for a wide range of IT issues. They want fast and effective support that allows them to get on with their own operations. One area that most IT solutions providers can improve is response time.

How TSPs Can Fully Support Clients in the Cloud

Supporting Your Clients Cloud Operations

The definition of modern office has evolved, to say the least. Crazy as it sounds, some of today’s industry professionals (if they’ll admit it) can remember when electric typewriters with self-correcting tape created quite the buzz around the water cooler. Having a desktop PC—let alone a network of them talking to each other—was still just…

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Transition to a New Business Management Solution

Transitioning to a new business management solution

Transitioning to a new business management solution can seem like a monumental task. Not only do IT solution providers need to find the right software and then implement it, they also have to train users on how to use it throughout their daily operations.