3 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel

Hidden Costs of Sales Quotes in Excel

While Excel does many things well, the sad fact is that it simply wasn’t designed with quoting and proposing in mind. It doesn’t give you the tools to create interactive templates, develop a guided selling process for your sales team, or provide real-time insights into customer interactions with your proposals. All the time you spend…

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Competitive Quotes for the Digital Age

Accelerate Sales with Modern Sales Process

When is the last time you updated your quoting methods? Are you still using Word and Excel? Are you still sending quotes and proposals by fax? It’s time to pick up the pace so that your business is ready for significant growth.

3 CRM Considerations for the Busy MSP

3 CRM Considerations for MSPs

As a managed services provider, you wear many hats. Unlike the corporate set-up where you have a team behind you, you are largely on your own. You have a MSP firm to run, but you also have to find new clients. You are responsible for the marketing, sales, and operations of your business. Are you…

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Avoid The Top 3 CRM Mistakes

If you’ve read my previous two posts in this series, you know how I feel about a CRM. It’s the vital connecting grid that integrates all aspects of your company. I’ve shared the reasons why a CRM is essential to the success of your technology service business and the top 10 questions you need to…

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Top 10 CRM Questions To Ask

In today’s highly competitive market, you rarely see a successful sales strategy that isn’t backed by CRM. Sales presentation guru Patricia Fripp puts it like this. “You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.” In my previous post, I laid out what I consider the…

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Customer Relationship Management: Top 5 Reasons You Need a CRM

In four words, here’s one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from years of sales experience. It’s all about me. But before you take offense at—or revel in—this seemingly selfish declaration, let me clarify. How a customer feels about me (my company) and what I’m (we’re) willing to do for them sets the stage…

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Our Clients: A Love Story

We work hard to make our clients fall in love with us and our company. It’s no time to be shy—it’s time to make the first move! But keep in mind we’re talking about a long-term commitment here, so it takes time and effort. Here’s how we ramp up for the challenge. In the book…

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10 Reasons You Can’t Live Without a CRM

You never wake up in a middle-of-the-night sweat, remembering that must-return call you didn’t make. The only organization system you need is your sharp-as-a-tack memory. All details about your past, present, and prospective clients are on the tip of your tongue. If that’s you, then you might not be concerned about your Customer Relationship Management…

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CRM Made Easy: Mapping Out the Process, Part 2

Are you traveling the path toward an effective CRM process? Or are you stalled, wondering which direction to head? In Part One of CRM Made Easy: Mapping Out the Process, we shared proven tips for implementing and following a successful CRM blueprint.   To revisit briefly, two major points were detailed:   Your CRM holds…

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CRM Made Easy: Mapping Out the Process, Part 1

From the musical directions that sent Dorothy down the famous brick road to today’s GPS technology, we all know the value of starting any journey with a mapped-out path to the destination. The same applies to the process for effective Customer Relationship Management. While your CRM process is more like traveling two-way streets in a…

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