Simplify Your Business and Increase Profits in 3 Simple Steps

3 Stepts to Simplify Processes and Increase Profits

Prior to using ConnectWise and UserCentric™, we relied on an assortment of systems that didn’t communicate with each other. Our accounting process involved a lot of manual entry, and hours were spent each month auditing invoices because our clients thought they were confusing. I knew things had to change. So we set a goal to…

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Top 3 Strategies for Increasing Billable Consulting Time

4 Tips to Better Employee Efficiency

How booked, busy, and billable are you? Let’s do the math. If you’re like most technology solution providers, your utilization is probably somewhere between 50-60%. But why settle for average when you can make a few small adjustments that could push you above 80%?* Any number of activities could be hurting your utilization. We’ll outline…

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Real-World Consulting Best Practices: Part 2

Consulting Best Practices

In part 1 of this series, we talked about the importance of benchmarking and identifying/filling gaps. We illustrated these points by sharing real consulting experiences we’ve had throughout our 30+ years in the technology service industry. Now, we’ll turn our attention to two more consulting best practices you can’t do without: understanding the customer’s business,…

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Real-World Consulting Best Practice Examples: Part 1


We talked about 4 Common Consulting Mistakes to Avoid in a recent post, but now we want to go into a bit more detail. By giving you two real-world examples, we hope to equip you with the practical application guidance you’ll need to succeed. We could talk all day about hypothetical situations and throw out…

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4 Common Consulting Mistakes to Avoid

Consulting Mistakes to Avoid

Any company that provides a service to another company is technically in the consulting business. Think about it; you can’t install or sell anything without identifying the need or problem that needs to be solved, researching the best options, and making recommendations. That’s all consulting. So whether you fancy yourself one or not, you’re probably…

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Path to Success: Consulting Best Practices

ConnectWise Path to Success

The “Oxford English Dictionary” defines consulting as “the action of seeking information or advice from someone with expertise in a particular area.” In the technology services industry, consulting goes one step further to provide customized solutions to customer-specific problems. This involves a process of discovery as each company possesses unique characteristics that affect the nature,…

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