Join Us for the ConnectWise 2016.6 Release

ConnectWise 2016.6 Product Release

Ingenuity never sleeps at ConnectWise! We know just how important speed and efficiency are to your business and with the latest release of ConnectWise 2016.6, those features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Explore New Updates in Quosal

New Quosal Sales Tool Features

With how quickly technology changes, it can sometimes be difficult figuring out what is best for your business.  There are so many products and services out there–how do you really know which is the best or what you should use? One thing is clear, however.

CloudConsole Will Soon Support Microsoft Azure

CloudConsole Supports Microsoft Azure

Since its release in February 2016, ConnectWise® CloudConsole™ has enabled hundreds of technology solution providers (TSPs) to successfully manage, monitor, and bill Microsoft® Office 365™ licenses within one central console. 

Must-know News on CloudConsole’s Expanded Features

CloudConsole Expanded Features

ConnectWise® CloudConsole™ allows technology solution providers (TSPs) to manage, monitor, and bill for Office 365™ licenses directly within ConnectWise®. This innovative platform, originally launched in February 2016, takes the pain right out of offering cloud services, thereby increasing profitability and satisfaction of our partners. 

Taking Control of the Cloud Just Got Easier

Manage, Monitor and Bill your Office 365 licenses with CloudConsole

Managing, monitoring, and billing Microsoft® Office 365™ licenses shouldn’t cause stress for you or your clients. ConnectWise® CloudConsole™ V2 is here, with new customizable features that make it easier and faster than ever for you to establish yourself as a trusted advisor, and invaluable partner, to your clients’ businesses.

Take Control of Your Success with ConnectWise 2016.4

ConnectWise 2016.4 Product Release

In our mission to power your success, we’ve formulated new time-saving features that give you the ability to act proactively, gain greater control of your operations, and offer a better customer experience your clients won’t soon forget. In the ConnectWise 2016.4 release, you’ll see your input reflected in our enhancements. Here are the top 6:

More Accuracy, Effortlessly with ConnectWise Manage 2016.3

Our mission is to power your success with solutions that prepare you for anything. In order to accomplish that mission, we’re constantly devising ways to improve, and your suggestions don’t go unnoticed. The 2016.3 release introduces 2 of the top 5 most-requested features from the enhancements forums, with additional benefits that make the world’s #1…

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Accelerate Your Business with ConnectWise 2016.2

New Features with ConnectWise 2016.2 Release

When it comes to fueling partner success, no improvement is too small. Enter ConnectWise 2016.2, with even more brain friendly enhancements ranging from small fixes, like eliminating the need to retype the Company ID, to brand new solutions like ConnectWise® CloudConsole™. The seamless upgrades in this release are like a nitrous oxide injection for your…

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The ConnectWise 2015 Year in Review

ConnectWise Release Updates in 2015

We’ve always been driven by our commitment to partner success, but 2015 has been an especially impactful year when it comes to acting on our philosophies and passion. We’ve been working hard to follow trends and meet industry needs, and we’re excited to see how much more we can accomplish in 2016. In the meantime,…

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