4 Steps to More Effectively Price Your IT Services

Pricing Your IT Services

In order to make sure your business is not only successful, but profitable, it’s important to know how to price your IT services. But how? No two companies offer the exact same services, methods, and quality, so it’s nearly impossible to establish a market wide standard price.

The Customer Journey & Billing: One Partner’s Story

4 Billing Best Practices

We sat down with 10-year strong ConnectWise partner, Amy Kardel, to talk about the customer journey and billing process at her business. As co-owner of Clever Ducks, a San Luis Obispo-based technology solution provider (TSP), she’s experienced the difference between a smooth billing process, and a not-so-smooth one.

3 Billing Best Practices for the Cloud

Billing by User and Cloud Services

It’s official: billing by device has no silver lining when it comes to the cloud. As technology continues to advance, and more companies start adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies, it’ll become tougher for technology solution providers (TSPs) to track who’s using what.   

4 Benefits of Billing by User

User Based Billing

Managing, monitoring, and billing your clients’ devices is only becoming more complex as technology evolves. According to one Gartner study, there are more than 6.4 billion connected devices worldwide. How’s a technology solution provider (TSP) supposed to manage even a fraction of that without superpowers?

Billing for Cloud Services: 3 Key Factors

Cloud Services Billing

It’s time to face the facts: the cloud is here to stay. So what’s holding you back from creating a cloud services practice area? If the answer involves the tremendously tedious billing process for cloud licenses, then you’re in luck.

3 Ways to Increase Billable Time Usage

Increase Your Billable Time

Technology service providers rely on billable time to be profitable. Often, businesses want to figure out ways to optimize the productivity of their staff members to increase profits.

3 Hidden Costs of Quoting with Excel

Hidden Costs of Sales Quotes in Excel

While Excel does many things well, the sad fact is that it simply wasn’t designed with quoting and proposing in mind. It doesn’t give you the tools to create interactive templates, develop a guided selling process for your sales team, or provide real-time insights into customer interactions with your proposals. All the time you spend…

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3 Benefits of User-Based Billing

Benefits of User-Based Billing

The IT Industry is constantly evolving; that’s the nature of technology. But even with a constant stream of development, there are practices still in use that are, well…antiquated. Device-based billing is one of those practices. It’s time to face it. The days of one device per user are long gone. Device-based billing doesn’t exactly set…

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Top 4 Billing Mistakes Most Companies Make

Top Billing Mistakes for Tech Companies

Customers who pay late can really throw a wrench into your company’s cash flow. But that’s not the only thing that can slow down cash flow velocity and make it harder to run your business. The sooner you bill, the sooner you’ll get paid—even by those late-paying customers! It’s a simple yet important principle.