Why You Need UserCentric Billing

| By: Craig Fulton

Change remains constant on the IT front and, let’s face it, a one device per owner world is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, billing-by-device isn’t.  And it can create havoc for you and all those clients with multiple devices who expect nothing less than seamless service at all times.

Maybe you’re a little too familiar with some of the pain points of per-device billing:

Pricing Agreements.

Multiple devices per user can make it very difficult to formulate pricing agreements that actually make sense to your customer.

Device Upgrades.

Managing the billing on new devices or upgrades to old ones can get complicated.

Multiple Invoices.

Billing separately per device is a lose-lose. Processing multiple billing is a waste of resources. And no client wants to get more invoices than absolutely necessary. Not to mention, it can confuse systems and slow down payment.

Accurate Record-keeping.

As clients change devices, it’s possible your records don’t always automatically update.

Those are just a few of the headaches caused by this soon-to-be-antiquated method of billing-by-device. But you didn’t think I was going to walk you through a list of pain points without suggesting a solution, did you?

Many MSPs are already starting to bill by users instead of devices, which streamlines the experience for everyone. Agreements become more straightforward because the customer understands all of their devices are included. The payment process is condensed—clients get the flat-rate bill they want—which often speeds up receivables. And there’s much less room for error in the simplified record-keeping.

Let ConnectWise help you reduce billing burdens by shifting from a device to managed user focus with UserCentric billing. Get ahead of the competition and start the transition today.