Tools for creating a seamless customer experience

| By: Jeff Bishop

You want to portray your business as a trusted technology adviser, or guide, to your customers and prospects, right? Of course! That requires expertly navigating the customer journey, and to do that, you’ll need the right tools for the job.

What’s a customer journey? It’s a useful framework that outlines your relationship with your clients through a series of touch points. For technology solution providers (TSPs), it looks like this:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Billing

Each of the six phases has a corresponding tool that helps you efficiently deliver a better experience, whereby helping you lay the foundation for legacy client relationships. The core solutions that belong to the ConnectWise suite are the perfect example of which tools to use to turn your phase one prospects into happy clients by phase six.

Why you need a business management platform

When it comes to managing your customers’ expectations, accuracy and timeliness are what matter most. The greatest ROI you’ll get from a business management platform resides in accurate time tracking and service details, as well as billing automation.

With every service issue captured as a ticket in ConnectWise Manage®, your team members can track time, service details, and communications with the client in one place at the time of service.

Why you need a remote monitoring and management tool

As much as you might like to, you can’t be everywhere at once. But automation tools, like ConnectWise Automate®, equip you with visibility everywhere it’s installed. This gives you the ability to work proactively, keep pace with geographically dispersed customers, customer demands, without having to hire more engineers.

You’re instantly able to identify and proactively resolve problems from anywhere, enabling you to monitor all client sites more efficiently.

Why you need a quote & proposal automation tool

Speed dramatically influences your odds when it comes to winning sales, but you can’t sacrifice quality. Even with a dedicated sales professional (or team), creating engaging quotes and proposals takes time – and that’s not something you have much of when you’re racing to close deals.

When you leverage the quote and proposal automation solution in the ConnectWise suite, you’ll put time back into your procurement process by taking the hassle out of creating eye-catching proposals that will stand out amongst the competition.

Why you need a remote control tool

Remote control tools up the client satisfaction factor by giving you access to their devices instantaneously. They don’t have to wait for a tech to show up on-site, and you get the opportunity to further establish your value to their business.

In addition to instant access, you can improve service desk efficiency with a universal remote control solution.  The remote control component in the business suite meets IT governance and regulatory compliance requirements, making it possible for you to use remote support, remote access, and host remote meetings within one platform.

You don’t have to navigate this journey by yourself. You can confidently rely on the power of the ConnectWise suite, and the partnership that comes with it, to help you create an unmatched customer experience.