The customer journey is truly the road less traveled

| By: Craig Fulton

It’s a fact that even companies with the best products and services can struggle to find a winning formula for growth in the marketplace. And with upstarts introducing competitive products of their own every day, it's more critical than ever that your company stand out from the crowd. But are you?

Consider that 80 percent of businesses believe they deliver superior service, but only eight percent of their customers agree. That’s a daunting statistic, and it represents a painful disconnect. However, it also presents a unique opportunity for those who know how to change the conversation.

So, how does one deliver truly superior service and set themselves apart?

The key lies in recognizing and elevating the true experience a customer has with your company. This empathetic approach flips the conversation from negotiating through the sales process to, instead, walking in the shoes of your prospects. It requires that you take a road less traveled and consider your customer’s journey.

What exactly is a customer journey?

A customer’s journey—also called a buyer’s journey or customer experience—is more than just signing a purchase order or receiving the goods in return. It is the sum of all the experiences, interactions, and moments a prospect has before, during, and after they find you.

It’s seeing your ad or a blog post that speaks to their problem.

It’s your response to their initial email or a call to discuss a solution.

It’s your website, a trial offer, or presentation.

It’s even the invoice and follow-up after a sale.

Every touchpoint and interaction present the opportunity to deliver a positive experience. And each and every area of your business shares responsibility for propelling your prospect through their customer journey to its delightful conclusion.

Know what’s important to your prospects at each step, and you’ll know what it’s really like doing business with you. Do this better than the competition, and you’ll find yourself among that eight percent of businesses with a coveted approval rating.

Smooth sailing or arduous trek: Which is your customer’s journey?

CompTIA, the world’s leading technology business association, is working to help you understand the importance of engaging in the buyer’s experience. Their guide outlines how the buyer’s journey progresses through key stages, including:

  • Awareness - The buyer knows they have a problem and begins a search for solutions.
  • Consideration - Now convinced that a solution is possible, the buyer explores their options.
  • Decision -The buyer narrows the field, requests proposals, trials, and other information, then makes an informed decision.

Throughout the stages, the overall goal is to delight the customer, which in turn aids in future sales, retention, and referrals.

CompTIA’s overview provides great insight into this process and a solid basis for analysis. At ConnectWise, the Customer Journey is a huge part of everything we do, and our solutions are designed to give you options to help solve for it.

Don’t leave your customers to fend for themselves after the sale

A sales order may turn a prospect into a customer, but the journey doesn’t end there. It isn’t the time to say, “thank you” and let your customers wander around without guidance. In fact, the three post-sale touchpoints we’ve identified—Delivery, Support, and Billing—provide unique opportunities to keep impressing your customers and reinforce choosing you was the right decision.

Continuing to delight your customer long after the sale pays off in many ways, such as loyalty, retention, and referrals. And, since It costs five times more to earn a new customer than to keep an existing one, happy customers set the table for the next sale…

…and the next.

Ready to take the road less travelled? At ConnectWise, we support you in every step of the customer journey. Our solutions are designed to create a seamless experience for your customers so that they can have a fantastic experience with you from the day they become aware of who you are, all the way through to the day you send them an invoice.