Simplify Your Business and Increase Profits in 3 Simple Steps

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Prior to using ConnectWise Manage and UserCentric™, we relied on an assortment of systems that didn’t communicate with each other. Our accounting process involved a lot of manual entry, and hours were spent each month auditing invoices because our clients thought they were confusing.

I knew things had to change. So we set a goal to increase overall efficiency, provide better service for our clients, and generate higher revenue per employee. Here’s how we achieved that at my company.

Streamline Your Processes

We started with research. By creating price and cost calculators, and carefully analyzing our data, we were able to determine our exact expenses. We consolidated our offerings into 2 straight-forward choices with updated pricing. Then we moved all of our clients to the user-based billing model.

To further simplify the billing and payment process for ourselves and our clients, we started using the ConnectBooster integration with ConnectWise Manage. This application stores client payment information and automatically withdraws pre-approved monthly fees.

Now, when clients receive an invoice, they no longer see a list of random devices. Instead, they see familiar users, eliminating the confusion they experienced before. By simplifying the accounting, billing, and payment processes with automated workflows, everyone’s experience improved.

With these changes in place, we started generating more money per employee right away.

Use Auto-Templates

Changing to efficient software, consolidating our offerings, and switching to user-based billing weren’t the only steps we took to simplify our business processes. Along with the steps taken to put automated workflows in place, we also spent extra time creating templates.

Now, an automated email prompts our accounting manager when there are overdue charges on a client’s account. He then has the ability to select from a list of pre-built responses to send to the client. This helps us avoid the awkward conversation that happens as a result of a late payment.

We’ve also taken the same strategy and applied it to our sales software, ConnectWise Sell. With this solution, our receptionist is easily able to handle the task of generating professional quotes to send to clients regarding their expiring warranties and firewall renewals.

She receives an automated cue and can simply choose the coordinating response from a list of pre-designed templates within ConnectWise Sell and send it directly to the client. Since establishing these processes, our receptionist alone has generated around $200,000 in licensing and renewal activities.

There’s been no need to hire additional staff members and we continue to grow year after year.

Consult the Experts

When we chose ConnectWise Manage as our new business management platform, we took full advantage of the consultation opportunities they provide, and still continue to do so today. They spent 3 hours showing us how to set up a Collections Board, and the very next day after turning it on we collected $20,000.

Allowing ConnectWise’s Consulting Team to explain MSP best practices, and how to most effectively leverage their products to increase cash flow, has profoundly impacted the way we do business at Atlas.

ConnectWise has empowered us to function as a lean 16-person business that currently services 500+ clients throughout the nation.