Redefine Success with Solutions that Support Your Growth

| By: Steve Farnan

I know I say it all the time, but I mean it just as much every time I say it: I love the ConnectWise family. Our colleagues and partners mean the world to me, and I want everyone to have that kind of experience when it comes to running their business. It can feel lonely out there, and it doesn’t have to. With the right partnerships, you can spend every day working with solutions that truly understand the importance of your business needs.

Who Needs a PSA?

Well, you do. ConnectWise knows exactly why a strong RMM and a strong PSA are the cornerstones of your successful business growth, even if our competitors seem less convinced. While a few are busy talking about why a PSA is no big deal, others are scrambling to put together their own unified suite of solutions.

But just having the right tools in your toolbox isn’t all that matters. Knowing how they work together, and that you can rely on them to sync up all of your vital information matters much more. And that’s why our unified solutions—with six years of strong integration—are engineered for your success. Meanwhile, Kaseya is just coming around to the idea that RMM/PSA integration matters.

Your Inner Circle

Do your solutions vendors make light of the tools you depend on? Do they offer everything from PSA and RMM to quoting, and even cloud billing? It’s probably not a shock that we offer it all, and the unbeatable community to go with it. You’ll never meet a better bunch of peers, with everyone ready to support your growth and share inside tips on the issues and experiences you share.

ConnectWise stands alone in helping today’s technology solution providers chart the way forward to the cloud. Microsoft® is teaming up with us because we have something no one else does, and they’re prepared to throw their considerable support behind our dedication to your success.

Leading the Charge

Who’s behind the scenes supporting the vibrant community and partner-fueled development of continuously improving solutions? A leadership team with decades of experience in the industry, resulting in steady, double-digit growth rates that allow us to keep pushing the envelope for innovative technology solutions. Meanwhile, Kaseya’s executive team has turned over many times. Leadership instability opens the door for a trickle-down effect that could cause real disruption for customers depending on a long-term strategy.

Save Thousands

Aha! Now I’ve got your attention, right? We’ve already touched on how a switch away from LOGICnow can save you. Now we’re offering up savings for Kaseya partners. Make the move and you may be eligible to pay for only implementation for the first 12 months. Our low cost transition offers flexibility and peace of mind, and includes ConnectWise Automate Remote Support powered by ConnectWise Control® at 20% off! Are your legacy backup solutions keeping you out of the cloud? We can help with that too.

My final thoughts? We’re here every day, working hard to make sure we’ve got solutions we’re really proud of, and it’s working. We’re listening to our partners in the trenches and drawing on our own extensive experience in the industry, and we’re creating something that seems to be making the big guys nervous. And I consider that a pretty big compliment.