What’s the idea behind the ConnectWise Ecosystem?

| By:
Topher Barrow

In today’s business environment, it’s not outrageous to have 90% or more of an organization to be dependent upon technology. Because of this, we find that there are ample amounts of process and data stored in multiple disparate systems, both on-premise and cloud-driven systems. For technology service providers (TSPs), being able to utilize these systems and data within a single application is a major reason we at ConnectWise are so focused on expanding the ecosystem methodology to our partner (customer) base. The continued expansion of the ecosystem will allow customers to take advantage of both processes and data sources to streamline workflow and also create BI reports that were not easily available in the past.

I often talk about the concept of a ‘source of truth.’ When it comes to managing your customers and contracts, this concept—which may differ from the normal IS terminology—refers to the idea of knowing which system or database houses the information that is always the ‘go to’ for what you are managing. This system is also often where your technicians go when making adds/moves/changes for a customer. For example, if you add users within Active Directory, you may periodically compare what you’re billing to the Active Directory accounts configured for that customer. Or, if your customer is cloud-based, the number of Office 365 users or Azure AD accounts setup.

On the other hand, if you bill based on the devices you manage, maybe your source of truth is the RMM tool you use to monitor the network. Even down to the add-on services, you may supply your customers such as, BDR or antivirus solutions. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how you bill, or which system is used to maintain the integrity of your customers. What does matter is if you’re taking advantage of the integrations these systems have in place. By tapping into each source of truth, you’re able to ensure accurate reconciliation and invoicing of your customers. Our goal at ConnectWise is to continually expand the number of systems we integrate with to help automate as much of the process as possible. We already have several systems and solutions partners we integrate with, including Active Directory, Office 365, Azure, Cisco, and many third-party solutions.

A benefit of tapping into these integrations is the ability to create efficiencies within your helpdesk. In addition, the driver for ConnectWise and the ecosystem approach is to give the user as much functionality for both our own solutions and any third-party solution within a single screen. There are many functions that we would like to continue to add within the helpdesk portion of ConnectWise. This includes the ability to carry out tasks and everyday jobs that historically you have had to leave our system to accomplish. This decreases the clicks, saves time, and removes hurdles in order for you to have a more manageable team. We are trying to close the gap on the disparate systems that many partners have utilized in the past.

We understand that our partners are not just using ConnectWise products to supply services to their customers, and we don’t want them to stop using other solutions. There are solutions out there that are magnificent at what they do. Keep using them. Our desire though is to remove the disparity between these solutions that partners are using. We want them to have the ability to fully manage the entire lifecycle of any third-party solution from within the ConnectWise platform. This includes the ability to procure solutions, manage the support of these solutions, and bill for them with ease. We want to simplify all touchpoints of your day to day. We are connecting you to the solutions, services, and people that help all members of your team work faster, and smarter.