How This Software Company Doubled Revenue

| By:
Mark Sokol

It’s not unusual for tech companies to get off the ground depending on home-grown systems for managing their operations. For a while, everything is running smoothly. Then it happens.

Growth trends up dramatically, but with a system not structured for volume, efficiency and productivity start to nosedive. Tickets are lost, billable hours fall through the cracks, project management gets off track, and the once-bright future for the company quickly begins to dim. Any successful tech company will tell you the same thing. It’s only a matter of time before the DIY approach becomes risky business.

This is the story of Primary Solutions - a software development house that could’ve been on the road to bust, but instead experienced a dramatic boom by partnering up with ConnectWise.

Their Struggles Starting out as a two-person software as-a-services company in 1998, Ohio-based Primary Solutions quickly expanded to a 35-employee team. Developing software that met an overwhelming niche need exploded business—and growing pains.

Tickets weren’t tracked—whoever picked up the phone was responsible for solving a client’s issue. With communications going directly from client to developers, product release and project enhancement flow were hampered, which in turn hindered the ability to meet customer needs.

There was no system place in to handle triage. And that begins to touch on the many issues they brought to ConnectWise.

Their Solution ConnectWise stepped in with solutions to streamline and increase functionality in all areas of the business—from ticketing to development to customer service.

Additionally, Primary Solutions plugged into ConnectWise support and educational resources, learning how to nurture their customer base by building a community of users—even hosting an annual conference.

Their Success The numbers tell the story.

  • Customer base increased from 258 to 422
  • Revenue grew 231%
  • Profit increased 383%
  • Product release cycles were shortened by 60%+

“ConnectWise Manage has helped us efficiently and effectively grow our client base, software products, and customer satisfaction.”         - Brian Marshall, President, Primary Solutions

The advantages and benefits of the ConnectWise Manage business management platform are far-reaching across the different types of technology solution providers. Explore more success stories from companies like you.