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Scott Marshall

As the owner of a technology solution provider (TSP), you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with the challenges of today’s world, and you might be looking for advice from industry experts to help you and your team during this time.

The ConnectWise Podcast Network is your source for industry insight and best practices, real-world advice and experiences from ConnectWise partners and members of The IT Nation, and product tips to help you better use the ConnectWise platform and third-party vendors.

Each episode covers a variety of topics, from cybersecurity to business strategy, to help you improve every facet of your TSP and unlock unlimited potential for your business.

The network is broken up into three channels, each providing different insight and content: Inside the Industry, Stories From The IT Nation, and ConnectWise Tech Talk.

Let’s dive into each.

Inside the Industry

What does the future hold for the IT industry and your business? As the world changes by the day, you’ll need to stay on top of trends to know what to expect. Our Inside the Industry series goes beyond software and solutions to focus on the big picture for your TSP business with industry news and thought leadership content. You’ll hear from professionals as they share their thoughts and predictions on where the IT industry is headed and how you can apply their knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are a few of our latest episodes:

How ConnectWise Partners Are Navigating COVID-19 in Their Businesses

COVID-19 has forced businesses of all sizes to quickly adapt to a remote workforce. This has put a strain on TSPs as they figure out how to not only manage their clients’ employees but their own staff as well. In this episode of Inside the Industry, three ConnectWise partners share their advice as well as the challenges and opportunities they’ve discovered as they transition their staff and clients to a remote workforce.


Running Securely Amongst Disruption

Cybersecurity was already a priority for your clients before their employees left their secure company environments and networks to work remotely. Hear from ConnectWise security experts as they talk about the new normal of working remotely, how security changes now that we’re all getting used to remote work environments, and what TSPs need to do to step up to the challenge and keep their clients secure during these times.


Stories From The IT Nation

Coming soon, more great content inspired from and about our community, The IT Nation. In Stories From The IT Nation, you’ll hear from speakers, facilitators, and real members of The IT Nation as they pass along their perspectives to the entire community. Hear what they’ve learned or shared at events, how you can get involved, and what makes The IT Nation the most engaged and powerful community in the IT industry.

See what’s been featured on Stories From The IT Nation so far:

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

In this episode of Stories from The IT Nation, listen to Doug Westervelt, CEO of Portland Internetworks, and Jennifer Locklear, Chief Talent Officer at ConnectWise, discuss advice and best practices they shared at a panel at IT Nation Connect in 2018. Learn how to attract and retain an all-star team, develop talent within your organization, screen job candidates, and how differentiate yourself from the competition to become a desirable workplace for prospective employees.


ConnectWise Tech Talk

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget about the techs. ConnectWise Tech Talk focuses on the ConnectWise products you use every day, featuring tips and tricks, tech speak, product releases, and general ConnectWise product advice. You’ll also hear from vendors from the ConnectWise ecosystem to learn about additional products to help you build out your tech stack and bring more to your services.

Learn about what we’ve talked about on our latest episodes:

Introducing ConnectWise Home

We recently released ConnectWise Home, a central portal for all your ConnectWise product needs and updates. In this episode of ConnectWise Tech Talk, Travis Furlan, Product Manager, and Renee Bergstresser, Software Training Consultant, talk about the exciting new service for partners to improve their ConnectWise experience, from trials and billing to support tickets and ConnectWise University training.


The ConnectWise Podcast Network is just the latest in a long line of resources we put together to help our partners get better use out of ConnectWise products, engage with their peers in The IT Nation, and grow their services and businesses. Check back often to listen to the latest podcast or dive into our catalog of past episodes.