Is your MSP ready to experience the ‘automation network effect’?

| By:
Ray Vrabel

Managing endpoints manually can be overwhelming. You spend a lot of time just trying to figure out what to monitor, what’s important, and managing false positives. I hear these exact sentiments from our partners all the time. And it’s usually followed up by the question, “Is there a better way?”

I’m happy to report that there is!

 Intelligent monitoring technology, available in ConnectWise RMM™,  lets managed service providers (MSPs) take a more efficient and proactive approach to monitoring and managing endpoints and keeping up with ever-changing requirements. This is possible for two reasons: first, it’s easy to use right out of the box, and second, functionality is comprehensive because of the software’s centralized cloud database. Additionally, this remote management and monitoring software is the first solution we built fully on our new ConnectWise Asio™ platform, ensuring it unmatched performance, scalability, and security.

Asio is the foundation for the future of ConnectWise, and it’s meant to revolutionize how MSP owners run their businesses. And when you shift to intelligent monitoring of endpoints with ConnectWise RMM, you and your team can experience the “automation network effect” that Asio enables.

What is the automation network effect?

The automation network effect is no strange or random phenomenon. It’s a term we coined at ConnectWise to describe the exponential benefits MSPs can experience by using our intelligent monitoring technology to proactively aggregate information from the millions of endpoints and alerts coming into one central location every month from all our partners across the Asio platform.

How does the automation network effect benefit MSPs? By generating a giant ecosystem of alerts that are filtered down into near-real-time actionable alerts. These alerts often relate to issues that MSPs can’t easily observe or flag or that may not even have on their radar. And when you combine those insights with a significant reduction in manual work, you can use your team and other resources (including time!) to generate more value for your business and its customers.

If you’re worried about being overloaded with alerts, don’t be. The Asio platform automatically detects and applies appropriate alerts for each endpoint based on the products you’ve selected. Also, there’s no need to worry about manual configuration.

Think of ConnectWise RMM as a “Goldilocks” solution for endpoint monitoring. It doesn’t alert your team too much, so they aren’t inundated with noise. But it doesn’t reduce the noise so much that they miss important alerts. Instead, it delivers the “just right” amount of predefined alerts your team needs to monitor and manage endpoints successfully—and most efficiently.

Now, let’s look at some of the benefits MSPs can realize by experiencing the automation network effect. I covered some of this information in a recent two-part webinar series I co-hosted with my colleague Amit Mehta, Associate Director of Product Management, at ConnectWise. I encourage you to check out these presentations when you have moment:

Here are four of the key benefits that we touched on in our series:

  1. Reduced support tickets and time spent on manual tasks

As I noted earlier in this post, intelligent monitoring with ConnectWise RMM can save you time. The actionable alerts you’ll receive will allow you and your team to take a more proactive approach to endpoint management.

If the same issue generates multiple alerts, our intelligent monitoring technology compares and combines them into one ticket. It eliminates up to 80% of the clutter and false positives that other tools create, so you will only receive a ticket when you truly need to act.

  1. Decreased costs and improved customer satisfaction

This benefit comes down to the following: If your team can manage endpoints proactively instead of reactively, fewer systems will experience costly, disruptive issues or crashes. That translates to happier customers and a healthier bottom line for your business.

  1. Risk aversion

Typically, MSPs only receive alerts based on the endpoints they manage directly. But our intelligent monitoring technology provides collective data from all the endpoints managed via the ConnectWise Asio platform. We provide your MSP business with global risk visibility, so you no longer need to rely on a limited view from a database that’s only as big as your largest client.

  1. Increased technician productivity

If your MSP business uses the services of the ConnectWise Network Operations Center (NOC), you can assign tickets to our techs that our intelligent monitoring system triggers. Or, the tickets can be assigned directly to your team, if needed. Our NOC team typically resolves about 90% of issues sent their way, which is a tremendous burden off your team.

Custom monitoring helps ensure coverage of all alerts

Intelligent monitoring in ConnectWise RMM gives MSPs much more insight into potential threats and risks than they could ever gain through the tedious and limiting process of manual endpoint monitoring and management. However, we understand that it may not cover all the specific alerting requirements of our partners due to the wide variety of application and customer alerting needs they must meet to serve their customers. That’s why we offer a custom monitoring option in ConnectWise RMM.

Custom monitoring in ConnectWise RMM offers a simple user interface (UI) with advanced capabilities to generate alerts and trigger tasks automatically. You can receive ticket notifications for issues the solution observes in near-real-time. No coding experience is needed to set up custom monitoring, and you can easily extend this monitoring to multiple endpoints at the same time.

Take advantage of the automation network effect

When you implement ConnectWise RMM with built-in intelligent monitoring for your MSP business, you set up your team for success from day one. Our proprietary alerting technology consolidates related events, counters, and thresholds into single tickets, so you can dramatically reduce all the annoying, confusing junk and noise that your other tools create.

And, when your team receives a ticket from our system, they will know they need to act. No more guesswork. No more manual work. Just a better way to work. That’s the automation network effect.