Attention MSPs! Apply to the 2020 MSP 501 now

| By: Arlin Sorensen

The channel’s most comprehensive survey and ranking of the top managed service providers (MSPs) is now accepting applications—and at ConnectWise, we think our partners deserve to gain a spot on the list. This year, applying to the MSP 501, assembled by Channel Futures, is easier than ever, and just as beneficial. Here’s what you need to know about the MSP 501.

What is the MSP 501?

The MSP 501 is a list of the top 501 MSPs in the world, compiled by Channel Futures, a media brand that focuses on digital services. From one-person operations to organizations with thousands of employees, the MSP 501 hosts a comprehensive group of some of the most mature, efficient MSPs in the industry.

At ConnectWise, we’re proud to hold a substantial presence on the MSP 501 list each year and have seen its value firsthand—which is a huge part of why we encourage our partners to apply.

That’s not to say it won’t be competitive: far from it. Between 2018 and 2019, Channel Futures saw a 35% increase in applications, demonstrating new developments and achievements in the MSP market. And in 2019, two in five of the MSPs on the list weren’t on the 2018 list, showing that the market (and its leading businesses) are evolving. Put simply, whether your company has been around for decades or is gaining momentum, there’s space for innovative MSPs to be featured on the list.

The creators of the MSP 501 define MSPs—and identify top MSPs—using a specific methodology. Depending on your revenue model, operational maturity, efficiency, and more, you could be eligible for one of the industry’s most coveted spots on the list.

How to apply

With new upgrades, applying to the MSP 501 should be easier than ever this year. And as always, submitting an application (and receiving a spot on the list) is free.

If you applied in 2019, and haven’t opted out of Channel Futures/Informa communications, you should receive a unique URL that brings you to a pre-populated, company-specific survey with editable information on your company information, social media handles, and self-reported revenue numbers.

Applicants need to send financial results and a revenue verification statement. All financial information will be used to evaluate applicants, but otherwise remains confidential. If you have time, submit your application to the MSP 501 today—and don’t forget your revenue verification form, because applications will not be considered without them. The process is quick and easy—for many, it only takes a few minutes to fill out the application.

The last day to apply is Sunday, May 31, and all questions in the meantime can be directed to (or may be addressed in their FAQ).

Why apply?

What keeps thousands of MSPs applying to the MSP 501 in the hopes of gaining a coveted spot? Here are just a few benefits that you can gain from being featured on the list:

  • Make your business stand out. Now more than ever, it’s important for your business to stand out. When you’re featured on a survey and ranking list like the MSP 501, you can show clients, competitors, and industry professionals just how efficient, mature, and value-oriented your MSP is. At a moment where companies around the world are making critical business decisions, being featured on a list like the MSP 501 can make a big difference.
  • Legitimize yourself among clients and partners. For more than a decade, the MSP 501 has stood as a comprehensive list of the 501 most mature, most efficient MSPs in the industry worldwide. As such, a spot on the list now comes with recognition. Whether you’re working with other technology companies, or pitching your services to a client, being on the MSP 501 gives you a credible way to signal what you’ve accomplished—and what you’re capable of.
  • Drive publicity. When you earn a spot on the list, it’s customary to share the news on your company’s channels—from newsletters to social media. And, if you don’t want to toot your own horn, all honorees are celebrated at the MSP 501 Awards Gala held every fall. By sharing your news, or simply being honored, you can drive publicity for your company and put it on the map: showing prospective clients and partners alike just how reputable, established, and successful your business is.
  • Celebrate with your peers. Sometimes, the community of managed service providers can seem spread out and disconnected, but the MSP 501 brings companies together to recognize—and celebrate with—one another. By earning a spot on the list, you get the opportunity to network at the MSP 501 Awards Gala in the fall and gain a commonality with other professionals in the field who have also been featured on the list.

With all of these benefits, and a no-charge, expedient application process, apply today to the MSP 501 and launch your MSP into a future filled with business leads, industry recognition, and professional community.

As a reminder, applications are due on May 31 at midnight, and the winner rankings will be announced via webcast in June. Good luck to all of our partners and followers—and we look forward to seeing your company on the list.