Top 10 MSP resources for remote work

| By: Craig Fulton

As the majority of businesses around the country have transitioned to a remote workforce over the last few weeks, including yours, you may have discovered additional time in your weekday routine. Without a daily commute or water cooler conversations, perhaps you have found the opportunity to delve into some educational resources you may have missed.

If you have a little more freedom in your schedule these days, here are some resources we think you may find helpful:

[eBook] How to Build a Top-Notch Remote Workforce: Get expert insight into how to successfully transition to a remote work environment, including fostering effective communication while working remote, ensuring you’ve invested in the best technology stack to meet your needs, and more. 

[Blog] Securing Your Remote Workforce: You may have clients who have never had a remote workforce and are now forced to enable a virtual workforce. Learn the steps you and your clients should take to ensure the proper policies and technology are in place to remain secure while working remotely. Plus, download our remote work policy template as a resource to help you get started.

[Blog] How to Secure Your Remote Access Tools Against Cyberattacks: You might not think you need to worry about a cyberattack on your MSP, but the vast majority of businesses are fair game. In fact, in a recent survey of 850 global organizations, Vanson Bourne found that 64% had suffered a cyberattack. Learn how to keep your remote access software secure to keep your business—and your clients’ businesses—protected. 

[Webinar] The New Way to Look at Managed Services: You may understand what you’re selling your clients, but do they really understand what it is they’re buying? Watch this webinar to learn more about outcome-focused selling, the data conversation you should be having, and ways to clearly outline expectations so everyone is set up for success. 

[Webinar] Network Assessment Best Practices: It’s important to understand the current state of your network to identify opportunities for improvement and differentiate yourself. Watch to learn the five steps you should take to showcase your value and protect your profitability with assessments. 

[eBook] Staying Secure in a Cloud Environment: 8 Security Features Your Remote Solution Must Have: As more of your clients move to the cloud, staying connected and doing business keeps getting easier— but it puts more emphasis on your remote support tools. Most cloud-based solutions come equipped with standard security features, but do you have the proper safeguards in place? Read the eBook to learn the top security features to look for in your remote support tools. 

[eBook] Help Desk Kit: Whether you’re establishing a new help desk or revamping your current processes, this kit provides help desk best practices to improve yourservice delivery without getting overwhelmed, improve client satisfaction and retention, and support and de-stress your help desk with tips to improve team morale.

[eBook] Scaling for Success: The MSP Guide to Operational Efficiency – Solving for Staffing, Skills, and Growth: There is a deep IT skills gap across all managed services, but specifically in cybersecurity. With a vast pool of unfilled positions in the market, finding a qualified candidate is becoming increasingly challenging. So, how can you determine the best way to move forward and understand how that decision sets you up to scale for success? Learn how to overcome these staffing issues to scale your business profitably.

[Blog] Top NOC / Operations Team KPIs: TSPs are increasingly using Network Operations Centers (NOC) to help bridge the skills gap and handle their clients’ lower level support needs. Learn more about specific KPIs to track when partnering with a NOC.

[Podcasts] Stories from The IT Nation: Hear from members of the ConnectWise community as they cover topics including working with millennials, the signs you may need to fire your customer, how to have security conversations with your customers, and more.