5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Automation

5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Automation

When you think of business automation, it is easy to think of efficiency and increased productivity. Automation can certainly help companies do more with less by introducing smart workflows and removing redundant tasks. Automation also increases the visibility of what’s happening in the production environment, which frees up even more time to focus on critical business matters.

In some cases, automation technology may take the place of employees. However, automation tools work best when they allow people to focus on big picture projects instead of menial tasks. Here are just 5 of the ways that automation can benefit your business.

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1: Improved Organization

Automation tools distribute information seamlessly. For instance, when you automatically create a quote for a new project and can invoice it from the same system, all of the information regarding the project is in the same place. You don’t need to go looking for it across multiple systems.

Automation ensures that the information is automatically sent where you need it, keeping your data current, and preventing your team from spending a lot of time looking for it.

2: Centralized Communication

When information is scattered across multiple systems or isn’t up to date, it’s difficult to find the correct information you need. When a client calls and needs information about their project, they may experience poor customer service if they have to wait a long time for a tech to find the answer or if that answer is outdated.

Automation streamlines the communications between different departments. It provides easy access to past client interactions and project status reports to the whole team. When a client calls, whoever answers the phone will be able to help them and answer their questions quickly.

3: Well-Established Processes

Automation is possible because of specific workflows and processes that are set up in advance. Establishing these workflows takes into consideration best practices and how your team actually works. Once they’re implemented, these processes can help establish consistency and efficiency within your operations.

Furthermore, the documented, repeatable processes can help you scale by making it easier to accomplish more in less time. Your team can focus on providing excellent customer service and doing a great job when they don’t need to waste time thinking about the process itself.

4: Multi-department Visibility

Maintaining separate spreadsheets, accounts and processes makes it difficult to really see how well your company is doing. To see how many projects are completed a day or how quickly projects are delivered, you may need to gather information about each employee’s performance to view the company as a whole.

Automation tools increase visibility into your business’s operations by centralizing data in a way that makes it easy to figure out holistically how your company performs, in addition to the performance of each individual team member. You can even isolate the performance of one department.

5: Increased Accountability

With so many different systems in place, it can be difficult to know exactly what is happening at every moment. For instance, if an employee wanted to delete tasks they didn’t want to do, you’d need processes in place to know this went on. What if deleting something was an accident? How would your business know something was accidentally deleted and have the opportunity to get the information back?

Automation reduces human errors by providing a digital paper trail for your entire operation in one place. It provides increased accountability for everybody’s actions across different systems, so issues like these aren’t a problem.

It’s an easy way to develop the increased accountability, visibility, and centralized processes required for your company to grow and serve more clients. When selecting the right automation tools for your business, ensure that whatever platform you’re evaluating helps in these key areas. ConnectWise® offers 4 different platforms (ConnectWise ManageConnectWise Automate [formerly LabTech]ConnectWise Sell [formerly Quosal], and ConnectWise Control [formerly ScreenConnect]) that work seamlessly together to provide industry-leading automation across a wide range of functions.

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