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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson, Co-Founder and President of Vector Firm, has nearly 20 years of experience in sales leadership, with a focus on developing strategies, processes, and tools for technology businesses in the security space. Chris has had the privilege to experience two IPOs and several acquisitions so far in his career—calling the events ‘the best training a business leader can experience.’

Vector Firm is the premier training and management consulting firm focused on sales and business development operations. They create intelligent strategies, repeatable processes, and effective tools that position your sales professionals to drastically surpass their goals.

Vector Firm’s key differentiator is its philosophy on selling. The company leaders believe that sales is a science, and a systematic approach tailored for each company will create a pull-through dynamic for every salesperson to completely dominate their market or territory. Everything they do is based on this philosophy. For more information on Vector Firm, please visit Chris Peterson's linkedin

Articles by Chris Peterson

The Strategic Approach to Selling Cloud Services: Closing the Sale

You think you’ve got them right where you want them. Your targeted clients have been educated on both the pros and cons of cloud services. (Remember, sharing only the ‘pros’ is sales, not education). You’ve anticipated their needs and are ready with the solutions. It’s time to go in for the sale. But beware of…

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The Strategic Approach to Selling Cloud Services: Anticipation

You’ve identified the right target client for your services. And you’ve actively listened to their issues and questions, taking time to ‘cloud-educate’ them so that they’ve softened to the idea. So, what’s the next step to move this friendly scenario closer to closing the sale? I like to sum it up this way: the good…

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The Strategic Approach to Selling Cloud Services: Education

If your clients don’t understand the basics of the cloud, they’ll never get on board. In my video below, I share how to make cloud education effective. Knowledge is power. You understand the cloud inside and out, but your clients might not know anything about it. You’ll need to spend time getting them comfortable with…

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The Strategic Approach to Selling Cloud Services: Targeting Customers

It’s easy to geek out on new technology and think that everyone should be just as excited about it as we are. Unfortunately, not all customers have the background to appreciate innovative technologies as much as we do. Not every customer is a good target for cloud services. Some don’t even want to hear about…

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The Strategic Approach to Selling Cloud Services

In just a few minutes of your time here, I can help you discover why your customers are resistant to cloud service adoption. It’s not about the list of benefits, it’s about patiently educating your clients about the long-term value they’ll receive. Change (even the good kind) is hard. Though you see all the ways…

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Are Relationships Really THE Most Important Factor in Sales?

Years ago, I was asked to join a meeting in Toronto to discuss a strategy for pursuing a major program in Eastern Europe. I was VP of Sales for a manufacturer, and one of the vertical market managers on my team was being asked by an integration partner to join in the pursuit—a very time-consuming…

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Is It Bad To Have Too Many Leads?

With the advent of various methods of generating leads, I’ve felt a bit of a pushback from sales leaders on inbound marketing programs. I keep hearing that their sales people are flooded with unqualified leads. Yes, read that again; I really wrote that statement. Many people are upset about having ‘too many leads.’ I’d like…

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