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Brett Cheloff

Brett Cheloff

Before becoming General Manager of LabTech Software, Brett Cheloff was Director of Development for LabTech and is responsible for the oversight of the development and quality assurance teams. He began his IT and managed services career in 2004 at Nemsys, LabTech Software’s predecessor, where he was the company’s fourth employee and one of the original developers of the automation platform. With the incorporation of LabTech Software in 2010, Brett moved to Tampa, Florida. He earned his computer science and engineering technology degree from the University of Toledo.

Brett has played competitive soccer since he was 6, and got into computers when his PC games stopped working and he needed to get them up and running again.

Articles by Brett Cheloff

Big Data Success Starts from the Top Down


What is big data? Big data is defined as extremely large data sets that can be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

APT10 and Shadow Brokers: 5 Things You Need to Know

Automate Product Features

After learning of the latest operation by APT10 (Advanced Persistent Threat group 10), dubbed “Cloud Hopper”, Technology Solution Providers around the world got quite the scare this past weekend thanks to The Shadow Brokers’ “Lost in Translation” leak. Multiple media sources, like CNN, PC World, and Ars Technica, reported the leak contained numerous zero-day exploits,…

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5 Ways to Use RMM to Generate Recurring Revenue


You know that building out monitors and scripts to automate your IT services will make your managed services practice more efficient, successful, and profitable. Your next question may be, “Where can I start applying that automation so I can generate more recurring revenue for my business?”

1 More Reason to Add Cloud Services to Your Offering


This isn’t your average fluffy cloud rolling across the sky. The one that’s taking over our industry is moving at a rapid rate, and if you don’t act now, your business will get left behind. Not maybe, absolutely.

5 Must-Have Features of Your RMM Solution


As a technology solution provider (TSP), chances are you have a desire to take your business to the next level. The TSPs that are successful in this endeavor have a key ingredient in common: they are armed with the right tools for growth. The most critical tool for success in this business is a powerful…

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Report Center 101

ConnectWise Automate Report Center

Making smart business decisions and reaching your business goals faster requires a detailed look at what goes on in your business.

Pricing Your IT Services for Maximum Profits

How to Price Your IT Services

As a former MSP myself, I know what it’s like to try to make sense of pricing. I quickly learned that the right price was more about perceived value than competing with the market. So many new technology solution providers (TSP) just throw a price out there to see if it sticks. That’s dangerous, and…

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4 Patch Management Practices to Keep Your Clients Secure

Patch Management Best Practices

Patching is vital to securing systems from known vulnerabilities, but it’s also a risk that can bring down those systems if you deploy a bad patch. In order to maintain the proper risk balance you should focus on patches that close vulnerabilities.

LabTech 11 Monitoring 101: Remote Monitors

LabTech 11 Remote Monitoring

You wouldn’t want a client’s server to go down and you not know about it. That downtime is killing their profit and could also potentially kill your relationship with their business. Remote monitoring prevents that nightmare from happening.