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Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers is the founder and CEO of CharTec, the channel’s leading provider of total business consulting and training in sales, operations, marketing, finance/accounting, and HR. Rogers has successfully helped to transform over 1,200 MSPs and IT Service providers across the globe since launching the company in 2009. A revolutionary thinker and master IT sales expert, Alex consistently fills seats at any event with his stirring trainings on sales strategies and tactics that completely turn around close ratios and build multimillion dollar businesses.

Before CharTec, Alex saw what the channel was missing someone who could teach people how to really sell managed services. Using his experience as CEO of multimillion dollar MSP, ARRC Technology, he founded a now award-winning practice in 1992 with $300 investment. Alex developed CharTec to assist IT service providers with providing and selling equipment under the HaaS model. Since then, CharTec has grown to be the largest MSP training facility in North America.

A rapidly growing and acclaimed solution provider in the channel, CharTec is continually recognized for its innovation and has achieved numerous accomplishments since its inception—Best Channel Program at IT Nation, Best Breakout at IT Nation, Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, MSPMentor Top 100 MSPs in North America, Bull’s Eye’s Master MSP and Innovator of the Year, CRN Channel Chiefs, Best Channel Program by ASCII, and Best Channel Vendor and ‘Best Channel Product’ awards from Business Solutions Magazine.

A father of two and avid hunter and fisherman, Alex takes great pride in being a cornerstone of the local business community while providing valuable employment and growth opportunities in a region stricken with double-digit unemployment. Alex Rogers's linkedin

Articles by Alex Rogers

How to Define Your MSP Sales Roles

Decades of technology business leadership experience have taught me that individuals who know their value and commit to their unique sales roles are consistently the most powerful key to team harmony and success. That’s why I developed CharTec Academy to offer specialized training for every employee in your technology business, from admin to HR and…

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3 Keys to Managing a Service Team

3 Keys to Managing an IT Service Team

We all know the old saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” With that advice ringing in their ears, service managers and business owners are on the lookout for ways to better manage, schedule, and pull reports on their in-house and field service teams. We’ve found that these challenges can be overcome if you…

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7 Ways to Supercharge Your IT Services Sales Team with Best Practices

Quick…what do you think a sales rep does? If your answer wasn’t a split-second ‘sell,’ there might be a problem brewing in your business. Not to sound judgmental, mind you. During my 20+ years of experience serving as the CEO of a technology company and developing a sales training academy for IT services professionals, there’s…

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100 Reasons Why Salespeople Suck

Salespeople. You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em right? When you have a sales rock star, they make all the difference in your company, continually bringing profitable clients to the table with a fantastic close ratio. But when they’re self-serving and egotistical, they can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You burn…

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5 Best Practices to set up Effective Sales Quotas

As CEO of a technology company and founder of an MSP sales training academy, I’m always looking for smart ways to set quotas. Quotas aren’t sexy. Yet, they’re the essential yardstick by which most sales professionals are measured. By definition, a quota is an individual sales target figure assigned to a sales unit. Put into…

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6 Steps to Hiring a Sales Superstar

Looking back on my twenty years as the CEO of a technology company and founder of a comprehensive MSP training Academy, I realize that the road to success as an MSP is anything but easy. Maybe it’s because I know that behind my well-documented successes are the equally impressive (but much less talked about) failures…

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5 Must Haves Before Hiring A Salesperson

Understand what you must have before hiring a sales person.  Industry expert, Alex Rogers, has spent the last 22 years figuring out how to get the most out of sales people and one of the keys to his success is knowing the 5 must haves that need to be in place before going down the…

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