Be all you can be.

That‘s more than a legendary advertising slogan. As your technology solutions business transitions to an as-a-service model, it should be the driving force behind your new sales strategy.

Whatever your industry niche, your clients more than likely have a reasonable comfort level with technology. You’re trying to stand out among countless competitors and thousands of tools and apps all vying to meet your customer’s hardware and software needs. To get a customer’s attention, let alone long-term loyalty, you’ll need to prove your worth.

Here’s a hint you can take to the bank. Beyond just product alone, what your client really wants is a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide to help them navigate their tech journey from implementation to integration, with a goal of increased productivity and profitability. Your experience and expertise in that role is what will make you ‘worth it’ as the go-to provider.

Consider these three proven tips for successfully adapting your sales strategy to a recurring-revenue model.

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1. Find out where it hurts.

Every industry, from retail to medical to legal, has unique pain points that you can address and possibly relieve. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers, visualizing the issues and their often far-reaching impact.

If your services are a good fit for what ails their company and they seem committed to improvements, move forward with a proposal. But remember to focus your sales energy on quality customers who will value your partnership.

2. Sell yourself, not products.

Understand that your differentiator when positioning yourself to clients isn’t products, it’s you.

Not only should superior service be your trademark, but you can also distinguish yourself by company culture. Research has shown that companies with an adaptive culture aligned to their business goals consistently outperform their competitors.

When your employees enthusiastically share your company’s values and practices with customers, you begin to connect on a relational rather than a transactional level. And that builds a foundation for longevity.

3. Develop a niche.

Seize opportunities to develop expertise in specific fields. You’ll make yourself indispensible to clients and enjoy referrals from other service providers who don’t specialize.

More Sales Strategy Tips

Get more pointers on incorporating your value into your sales strategy in part 4 of our Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service.

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Mark Sokol

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