When it comes to fueling partner success, no improvement is too small. Enter ConnectWise 2016.2, with even more brain friendly enhancements ranging from small fixes, like eliminating the need to retype the Company ID, to brand new solutions like ConnectWise® CloudConsole™.

The seamless upgrades in this release are like a nitrous oxide injection for your business. By increasing your overall efficiency, they’ll help you move at full speed toward your 2016 goals.  

Without further ado, here are some of the highlights.

Manage, Monitor, and Bill for Office 365 with ConnectWise CloudConsole

The ConnectWise business management platform is designed to help boost productivity and profitability with the power of automation. Fully integrating with your existing CRM software, it’s a seamless solution for any technology service provider wanting to improve communication and time management at their company.

webinar - Accomplish your 2016 goals faster with 2016.2 Show Me How


Accomplish your 2016 goals faster with 2016.2

Show Me How

With the 2016.2 release, you’ll be able to combine the power of the newest brain friendly features in ConnectWise with a brand new solution: ConnectWise CloudConsole.

Now you can easily manage your clients’ Microsoft Office365 licenses in the cloud from one central application. With CloudConsole you can identify opportunities, monitor for outages, communicate with your clients, and simplify the billing process without losing control, or having to change your entire business.

Access ScreenConnect from Inside of a ConnectWise ticket

ScreenConnect is a customizable software solution that provides dynamic remote control functionality to help you resolve problems faster.

In the ConnectWise 2016.2 release, you can easily start a ScreenConnect session within a service ticket, allowing you to capture notes and time entries within the ticket without fear of them falling through the cracks. 

Get More Visibility into and Accountability Within Tickets

Take advantage of increased visibility and accountability with this enhancement that allows a resource to take complete ownership of a ticket as it travels between Service Boards, Teams, and other resources.

Post Tax Separately on Expenses

This feature introduces a separate line item for tax within the General Ledger to help you stay compliant with local tax laws.

Gain More Efficiencies with Time-Saving Enhancements

This is more than your average copy and paste feature. This is a multifaceted enhancement that saves you time by eliminating the need to reenter information for duplicate configurations, as well as offering the ability to copy Service Subtypes and items from another service board.

And those are just the highlights! Get a chance to sink your teeth into all the juicy details in the ConnectWise 2016.2 Release webinar, where you’ll find out how to use these tools and features to turbocharge your business. Sign up today!

New Year, New Features!

Join the webinar to learn how the latest enhancements can accelerate your business.

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New Year, New Features!

Join the webinar to learn how the latest enhancements can accelerate your business.

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April Taylor

April’s career has been focused on software implementation, consulting, process improvement, and product management. She began her career at ConnectWise in January of 2006 as an Implementation Consultant. On a fast track, she became a...

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