Founded in Wyoming in 2001, K2 Technologies set out to provide the kind of exceptional IT support and service that they knew clients craved. With passion and dedication, Dan King founded the business and built up their customer base.

With more than 125 clients and 1,150 end points on the books, it wasn’t long before K2 Technologies was mired down in dysfunctional, disconnected systems. With programs that weren’t talking, tickets going untracked, and billing not being applied to the right projects, they were struggling through the Silos of Chaos®.

Fighting their way through the jungle of visibility issues and communications breakdowns meant embracing the right tools to lead them to the expert IT support the company was created to provide. Follow their story from the beleaguered beginning to the exciting conclusion.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

K2 Technologies knew there was something better out there, and they started down the path of implementing powerful automation to improve their ability to provide top-notch IT services. In these early stages, they met more than a few challenges—solutions that stalled their progress with poor integrations—before they finally found a solution that helped them improve issue tracking, billing, and overall efficiency.

“We tried a number of solutions. But every time, we ran into problems. None of the systems could meet all of our needs, and they didn’t integrate well with each other either.” – Dan King

Chapter 2: New Allies

Growth for K2 Technologies meant looking for allies to support their profitability. After a few failed attempts, LabTech provided the flexibility and functionality they needed to make the most of their IT support. Better yet? It integrated seamlessly with ConnectWise, which meant no double entry or missed data.

Case Study - Seamlessly Ever After See Full Story

Case Study

Seamlessly Ever After

See Full Story
Chapter 3: A Powerful Solution

When K2 Technologies committed to ConnectWise as their solution of choice, the benefits were immediate. Having a powerful solution in place not only answered many of their ongoing problems, but helped them to deliver faster and more efficient service, which increased their bottom line. It was time to turn their sights to scalability.

Chapter 4: The Time for Processes

With these powerful tools in place, K2 Technologies began to see benefits in nearly every area of their business. Defining processes helped keep the momentum going, and introducing the powerful quote and proposal automation of Quosal fired up their sales. LabTech, ConnectWise, and Quosal were seamlessly working together to drive success for K2 Technologies.

“LabTech, ConnectWise, and Quosal have really transformed our business for the better. They’ve contributed to our consistent 12% year-over-year growth.” – Dan King

Chapter 5: A Truly Happy Ending

Want to see how the story ends for K2 Technologies, and how their clients benefitted from a better experience thanks to the seamless integration of the ConnectWise suite of business management solutions? Follow the journey below.

Don’t Miss the Exciting Conclusion!

See how K2 Technologies found their IT services happy ending.

Finish the Story

Don’t Miss the Exciting Conclusion!

See how K2 Technologies found their IT services happy ending.

Finish the Story
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