A website is your front door to the world. It can reach out and invite leads in or send prospect packing. With the number of sites fast approaching the one billion mark, you have to work harder than ever to stand out in the virtual crowd. Here are seven steps to get you started.

1.  Design an Attractive, Purposeful Site

Invest in the most well-designed website you can afford that’s tailored to your specific needs, avoiding cookie-cutter templates where possible. There’s nothing more disheartening than realizing a competitor is also using your template.

Put the most important information at the top. Use readable fonts, and while it’s tempting to completely fill the screen with attractive images and information, some easy-on-the-eyes white space is more effective.

Since the primary purpose of your site is generating leads, design with that in mind.  An interesting blog post may have attracted a visitor to your site. Once there, guide them through a series of steps—typically known as the sales funnel—communicating who you are, what you do and why you’re credible. Then give them an easy-action, value-back way to get in touch, converting them into a lead.

2.  Make It Functional

Increase traffic by optimizing your site for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Search engines are drawn to sites with easy and logical navigation, relevant content and related links. Fancy Flash® animations make it difficult for a search engine to analyze your site. Best rule of thumb: keep it simple.

Many of those visiting your site will do so on a mobile device. So, design with mobile users in mind. Try to achieve a responsive platform that adjusts to fit the user’s device. This way, you won’t turn away mobile consumers.

3.  Develop Inviting Content

Photos and videos highlighting your company bring your site to life in a way uniquely yours. Informational and educational content help validate your areas of expertise. Testimonials may answer questions on a potential customer’s mind.

Place your contact information on every page.  Include a phone number, even if your business is digitally based. Easy reachability lends to credibility and trust.

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Mark Sokol

Mark Sokol

Mark is the VP of Product Marketing and Branding at ConnectWise. He has over 20 years of experience with software and technology companies, helping them grow business and improve bottom-line performance. He has successfully developed...

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