Ready to check out the rest of the top 7 Steps to Catch a Prospect’s Eye with Your Website?  Lets jump back in with #4.

If you missed the first part of this blog, you can find tips #1-3 here.

4.  Create an Enticing Call-To-Action

A strong call-to-action (CTA) provides a specific direction for your visitors, a way to measure your site’s success and a direct path to lead generation.

Create a CTA that leads to a landing page where visitors can access your content offer such as a video to watch, brochure to download or customer success stories to read. Offer value such as a discount or free gift. Use active language with words like call, register or subscribe and make reference to the offer’s time frame.

Your goal is to invite communication, but make sure the potential lead understands what you want them to do with a clear, action-oriented CTA.

5.  Make Contact Easy

Include a contact form—highly visible and effortless to complete—on as many pages of your site as possible. Asking for only a minimal amount of information will increase response rate.

6.  Leave Them Happy

Submission of a contact form should activate a sincere thank you and explain the type of response they can expect from you. Offer more value-added info such as an email sign-up box, invitation to your social networks and links to recommended content.

7.  Make it Even Better

Give yourself a moment to celebrate all those leads pouring in, and then start researching how that number can be multiplied.  Invest in the right testing and analytics software—or hire experts who provide these services. Collect real-time data, historic timelines, trends and other information that will help determine which elements on your site provide leads and which don’t. Then move forward accordingly.

To learn how ConnectWise can take leads captured on your website and turn them into actionable sales opportunities, watch the ConnectWise CRM demo.

Mark Sokol

Mark Sokol

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