Is your support team tired of being on the phone (or on-site) all day? Cheer them up by offering an alternative that doesn’t require travel or long hours on the phone.

With ChatAssist™, your customers can live chat with your support team. And, everything in the chat conversation automatically creates (or pushes into) a ticket in ConnectWise—thereby immediately capturing all time worked.

It’s that easy, but it gets even better. Check out these seven reasons you need ChatAssist:

1.       Up utilization

Because your support representative can participate in more than one chat at a time, you can increase utilization. While client A is typing a response, your rep can help client B. This enables you to painlessly get more done—without adding headcount.

2.       See availability

Not only can you see when customers are available, but now they can also see when you’re available, too—making phone tag a thing of the past.

3.       Queues, glorious queues

You can create queues. One for software support, another for hardware support, or even one for tier one customer support—whatever (and however many) you desire.

4.       Operators, as many as you’d like

You can assign operators to man one or more queues. And, you can put a limit on the number of chat sessions each operator should have at any given time—ensuring top-notch customer service, of course!

5.       Remote in, right as you chat

With the customer’s consent, your operator can even remote in to the customer’s computer, right from within the chat platform.

 6.       Oversight tools for quality assurance

And when it comes to visibility, you can log in to any queue or conversation—at any time—to make sure your employees are providing professional (and accurate) support.

7.       Built from the ground up by ConnectWise

ChatAssist was built from the ground up by ConnectWise, to put you one click away from your clients. All communications sent through ChatAssist are pushed directly into Connectwise, enabling you to automate SLA response and resolution times.

Mark Sokol

Mark Sokol

Mark is the VP of Product Marketing and Branding at ConnectWise. He has over 20 years of experience with software and technology companies, helping them grow business and improve bottom-line performance. He has successfully developed...

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