Leads are worthless without closers. That’s why you need to build, train, and grow effective sales champions. A carefully selected and savvy sales team can supercharge your revenue potential. We’ll share 10 actionable tips for hiring, onboarding, and expanding your sales team. And if you’re craving more, you can access our secret weapon.

Worried about hiring horror stories? You’re not alone.

Undesirable candidates will apply, but we can give you 8 red flags to avoid.

But before the hiring process can begin, you’ll need to:

1.    Build out your org chart.

Define your sales team vision and which skill sets you’ll need. This should look at least three years into the future. And it might include an algorithm that lets you know when it’s time to hire the next sales team member.

2.    Identify key characteristics of each role.

Are you looking for a cold caller, nurturer, closer, or someone who has dabbled in all three, and can lead as you grow?

3.    Define onboarding process.

While you’ve onboarded other roles, sales is a different animal. Your new hire should come with sales expertise, but product knowledge will need to be imparted.

4.    Benchmark.

Ensure you have reporting tools in place to track your sales person’s success. You both need to know if what he’s doing is effective.

Now that you’re growing, you know you’ll soon need more support. This is where your already-identified org chart, key characteristics, onboarding guide, and benchmarking will come into play again.

As you grow your sales team:

1.    Avoid duplicate work.

Clearly communicate roles and responsibilities, so there aren’t duplicated efforts.

2.    Clearly identify territories.

You don’t want several reps calling on the same region, or stealing each other’s opportunities. Assign each rep to a specific region.

3.    Automate key processes.

Give reps and managers the insight into what’s working, what’s not, and which leads need to be worked. This can be done with a quote and proposal automation solution.

Once you’ve got a solid growth plan, and great team members in place, it’s time to develop retention strategies. While you might not always be able to dole out promotions for your top people every year, here are a few low-cost ways to keep your crew loyal:

1.    Turn sales into a game.

When sales reps complete for highest sales growth, you win. If money is tight, have them compete for bragging rights. But if you’ve got a few Benjamins to spend, consider offering:

  • Monthly Sales Awards
  • Annual Sales Incentive Trip
  • A ridiculous trophy that can only be won by surpassing the current winner’s achievement. You could even use an eccentric item already in your office.

2.    Motivate top performers.

When budgets are tight, find other ways to reward your top talent. Think about what you can offer that won’t cost much:

  • An extra few days of paid vacation time
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Higher bonuses for overachievement

3.    Diversify.

Keep your team from getting bored by diversifying into new verticals.

Now that you know the basics, step it up a notch. Take your team to the big leagues with the Sales and Marketing Toolkit.

Adam Slutskin

Adam Slutskin

Adam’s uncanny ability for uncovering hidden talent, and his dedication to putting customers first, has enabled him to lead his team to record sales month after month. Adam joined ConnectWise in 2010 as a Director...

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