You never wake up in a middle-of-the-night sweat, remembering that must-return call you didn’t make. The only organization system you need is your sharp-as-a-tack memory. All details about your past, present, and prospective clients are on the tip of your tongue.

If that’s you, then you might not be concerned about your Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

But for the rest of us, an effective CRM can be as valuable to business success as a trusted friend is to our personal lives. And here are ten reasons why.

1. It makes you look good.

Enter the data for your project and CRM becomes a partner, automatically reminding you of those important ‘next steps’ in moving the deal along and impressing clients with your attention to every detail.

2. It encourages you to work smarter.

Are you a sticky note addict? CRM is an organizational tool that places all the information you need in one central location so you don’t forget what to do next or waste time looking for lost names and numbers.

3. It’s always got your back.

Lead conflict is a potential problem in any business, but your CRM offers protection. If you work in verticals or territories, you can run a filter to see any deals working. No more ugly surprises.

4. It talks about you…in a good way.

Have you ever forgotten to update key people about your projects? Your CRM can provide involved parties access to all your data, so you’re spared the need to repeatedly reiterate details.

5. It helps you make the right call.

CRM systems can sort by company location, size, and personalized data. Such filters help create compelling reasons for customer calls, including relevant upcoming events or specific product offerings.

6. It focuses your energy.

Through CRM, deals ‘in the making’ will bubble to the top, so you can make sure they’re closed.

7. It keeps you on the ‘A’ list.

If you’ve ever tried to build a prospecting list, you know it’s time-consuming. CRM can provide ready-to-download lists, making prep work a breeze and calls more effective.

8. It knows when to have a blast.

With CRM email blasting, you can keep customers informed of special promotions and announcements, making sure you stay top of mind.

9. It won’t let you miss a great opportunity.

Avoid losing strong leads just because they’ve been temporarily dormant. A CRM filter can catch prospects before they’re removed from your database.

10. It wants you to be successful.

With your CRM providing a 360-degree view of your customers, sales and customer service stay on the same page, which is a key element for success. CRM will also ensure you keep all prospects and projects in sharp focus for top-notch return.

If you’ve been treating your CRM as an impersonal tool, rethink its role in your business. It just may be one of your strongest lifelines to long-term success.

Adam Slutskin

Adam Slutskin

Adam’s uncanny ability for uncovering hidden talent, and his dedication to putting customers first, has enabled him to lead his team to record sales month after month. Adam joined ConnectWise in 2010 as a Director...

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