Jamison West

CEO & Founder, Teamatics

Jamison West is the CEO of Teamatics, a software company that transforms the way teams form and perform. Jamison spent the majority of his career as the CEO of Arterian, a managed services business that transitioned to purely cloud focused in its latter years. Jamison’s path to success has been paved by his ability to be a motivational leader, a capable business consultant, and an industry visionary.

In 2016, the managed services portion of Jamison’s business was acquired by Aldridge. Jamison has since transitioned from that business to help launch Teamatics. After years of challenges in managing the skills, passions, values, and interests of teams he’s led, he is thrilled to be part of a solution for leaders to address those challenges in a positive way.

I’ll be speaking at the following IT Nation Share events:

  • Q1 Auckland, New Zealand
  • Q1 Melbourne, Australia
  • Q2 Orange County, California
  • Q2 Seattle, Washington
  • Q2 Toronto, Canada