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June 22 – 24, 2020 | Orlando, FL


2019’s Top-Rated Sessions

Miss IT Nation Explore 2019? See what your peers considered the best sessions from the event, and get ready for more great content in 2020.

ConnectWise Automate Sessions

Automation in Automate Lab

This interactive lab will get you started on the basics of group structuring, search creation, monitor building, and how it all ties together. This lab will cover developing the layout of the service plan and creating all the required groups, additional fields, searches, and templates.

ConnectWise Automate Architecture

Look under the hood of ConnectWise Automate and see how all of the components are configured and what they do, including WebSockets, Event Driven Architecture, New APIs, Security and Scalability efforts. Hear the current initiatives of the ConnectWise Automate Architecture team and how they’re working to improve performance and provide enhance usability.

ConnectWise Manage Sessions

Service Automation Lab

Do you know how you can leverage automation initiatives to take your service delivery to the next level? Learn how to implement tracks, service templates, auto templates, workflow rules, and more into your processes to save you time, money, and resources, which will allow you to focus on delivering excellent customer service.

Financial Deep Dive

Your financial dashboard can reveal your business health at-a-glance, helping you make immediate and long-term strategy decisions. But do you know what to look for and where to find it? See what is available in your dashboard, and where. Get a better understanding of how the dashboard functions on a monthly basis, where data is pulled from, and the "hot spots" you need to keep an eye on.

ConnectWise Sell Sessions

Quoting for Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is the best way to ensure business longevity. Join our session and learn how you can create terms for recurring revenue on a quote, pass recurring revenue to ConnectWise Manage, display recurring revenue on Order Porter, and create new grid layouts.

Renewing Agreements with Manage & Sell

Customer agreements not only help streamline your operations, they also shape your professional reputation. Learn more about renewing agreements as we dive into topics such as agreement workflow rules, recurring vs. block agreements, quoting for renewals, keeping costs up to date, and adding new services

ConnectWise Control Sessions

Tools for Success in ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control lets you remotely support clients from anywhere in the world. In this product session, you’ll learn how to create session groups for client organization, use command line for remote client management, and allow users access to their machines through security and roles.

ConnectWise Control Extension Development

Did you know you can develop your own custom extensions and integrations in ConnectWise Control? In this session, you'll learn how to develop your own extensions and integrations and leave with your own working example.

Service Delivery Sessions

How to Deal with Difficult End Users and Other Customers

Learn valuable techniques for dealing effectively with a challenging customer. You'll learn how to deal with the customer who's always complaining and never satisfied, the customer who is dishonest, the customer who is verbally abusive, the customer who is threatening, and other types of difficult customers. You'll also learn when it's appropriate to terminate the relationship and how to do so respectfully. You'll probably never be able to avoid difficult customers entirely, but you certainly can learn how to manage them positively.

SOPs for Your SOPs

Join us as we look at how we build SOPs, how we categorize and organize our SOPs, and how we continually work to evolve our SOPs while also empowering our people to think out of the box and make things happen (even when they don’t fit a pre-defined script). This session will involve a mixture of theory and principles around SOPs along with practical steps you can take to build solid SOPs.

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