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Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2019 – Orlando, FL



More and more of the things we buy are being delivered as-a-service. The solutions you offer are no exception. Join this track to learn more about how to use ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage to deliver seamless services, save time, and generate more recurring revenue.

In this track we will cover:

  • Proactively monitoring your client's systems
  • Scripting to resolve issues
  • Patching
  • Showing value for the services you provide, and billing for recurring services
Admission to sessions in other tracks will not be granted.

Asset Management

Quarterly business review is coming up and you’re dreading doing your asset audit? Hesitant to acquire a new client because you don’t want to figure out the labyrinth that is their network? As a service manager, if this sounds familiar then you have come to the right place! In this university track, we will go over utilize the integration between ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage.

In this track we will cover:

  • Taking the guess work out of billing and asset manage
  • Creating a source of truth with Manage and utilizing the tools at your disposal
  • Automating the process of asset discovery and scheduling hardware refreshes
Admission to sessions in other tracks will not be granted.

Sales Manager's Journey

Your technicians shouldn't hate your sales team. As a sales manager it's important to focus on the monthly recurring revenue numbers your team needs to hit, but keep in mind the impact that sales will have on the service delivery team.

In this track we will cover:

  • Sales process flows between ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell
  • Taking the guess work out of staffing needs through reporting
  • Managing sales pipelines and other important data
Admission to sessions in other tracks will not be granted.

Automating Service Delivery

Time is our most important resource, and anything that can be automated should be! ConnectWise Automate is designed to be a “force multiplier” for your tech’s, your company, and your bottom line. In this University Day session, we will review methods of creating efficiency in your service delivery.

In this track we will cover:

  • How to automate a current technicians work, making them more effective
  • Implementing reoccurring scheduled patching
  • How alert templates combined with Autofix Action scripts turn ordinary monitors into automated repair engines
Admission to sessions in other tracks will not be granted.


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