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ConnectWise Sell

Create an Easier Purchasing Experience With Web Quotes

You want to provide customers with the quickest and easiest way to receive and approve quotes. ConnectWise Sell online quote delivery makes it simple with a secure web page summary of your proposal. This no-learning-curve online quote delivery solution will impress clients with a customized page that represents your brand. You can even add resources – including personalized videos – that help support their business. And the electronic signature lets customers say ‘yes’ to your quote with little more than a click.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle With These Online Quote Features

Online Quote Delivery

Deliver an interactive, online quote that can be delivered to customers. Customers can sign-off on the quote easily or share it with team members.

Sales Rep Notification

Receive alerts when your customers have opened and reviewed your quote.

Richly Branded and Professional-Looking Quotes

Add your logo and branding to your online quotes and proposals.

Offer Multiple Options

Present quotes in summary or detail and allow clients to choose configurations best for them.

Electronic Sign-Off

No more printing, signing, uploading, or faxing for your clients. Empower them to accept your proposal with built-in e-signature capabilities.

Easily Collect Payments

Collect full or partial payment from customers via secure credit card processing using PayPal, Authorize.net, and ConnectBooster.

“We love that a customer can download and adjust quotes. We’ve seen boosted sales because the power is in the customer’s hands.”

Carolyn Martin, Sales Operations Manager, IT Resource

Discover How to Speed Up Your Quote & Proposal Process in our Demo

See how you can quickly generate professional quotes and track results immediately.

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