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ConnectWise Manage

Explore the Project Management Benefits of ConnectWise Manage

Transition from Sales to Projects

Save time and manual work and reduce the chance for errors by automating the entire process.

Full 360 Visibility

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks by being able to see the project at a high level.

Customizable Work Plans

Things change, and you need to be able to adjust as needed. Also, not every customer is the same. Being able to change your work plan accordingly is key to customer satisfaction.

Efficient Dispatching

Get the work plans into the project teams’ hands so everyone is in the know from the beginning. Ensure that your teams are appropriately utilized to maximize efficiency.

Project Templates

Eliminate the need to recreate similar or repetitive projects. Save yourself tons of time by being able to templatize the work. Your techs will know what to do, and your projects won’t be brand new every time.

Project Billing

Invoice for projects quicker and avoid human error with automated billing.

Discover the Keys to Better Project Management

See how you can improve your project management, streamline your resource usage, and increase visibility with ConnectWise Manage.

“ConnectWise Manage has enabled us to work larger projects while keeping a consistent level of service from point A to point Z.”

David Doran, CEO, Innovative Solutions Through Technology

Explore Other ConnectWise Manage Features

Time Tracking & Billing

Don’t let billable time slip through the cracks. Get paid for the exceptional service you’re providing.

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Access a central place for all of your data—whether it’s project, service, sales, or financial—to make reporting simple.

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Help Desk

Take advantage of clear lines of communication, an efficient ticketing process, and everything you need to provide exceptional service delivery.

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