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ConnectWise Manage


Give Customers the Immediate Response They Want

When your customers contact your help desk with a service issue, they want immediate attention so their workday can continue with minimal interruption. ConnectWise® Chat™ helps meet those high expectations by giving techs the ability to provide support while maintaining high utilization.

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Support Multiple Clients

ConnectWise Chat is a live, available-as-soon-as-they-need-you support solution allowing technicians to chat with more than one customer at a time. Increase team utilization while improving SLA response and resolution times.


Build Client Confidence

Since customers can see when your technicians are online and available, and vice-versa, they experience peace of mind that response is only a click away, and you gain insight into how best to prioritize efforts.


Capture Every Chat

ConnectWise Chat automatically records every conversation and time spent into a new or existing ticket. Not only are SLAs and billing more accurate, but follow-up is enhanced because every team member can view the history.


Integrate with Website & Emails

A simple “Chat Now” button added to your website or emails gives customers quick and easy access. Plus, it’s a seamless way to engage existing customers who have questions, or prospects looking to know more about your business.


Offer More Than Tech Help

Your customers have questions outside of technical support, and ConnectWise Chat can help you provide fast, personalized answers. Set up unlimited queues that direct customers to experts on everything from sales to billing.


See More Ways ConnectWise Helps You Streamline Support in this ConnectWise Manage Demo

Build Strong Client Relationships through Quick Response & Clear Communication

Explore the Features of ConnectWise Manage Help Desk

Manage the constant flow of client issues with stress-free efficiency.

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