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Is It Right For Me? I Am A System Integrator

Having one system that seamlessly integrates Sales, Marketing and Finance is essential to maintaining excellence in delivering service to those valued clients. ConnectWise can help.

Business Automation for System Integrators

ConnectWise puts you in full control of every aspect of the procurement and inventory  process. With it, you can track orders, as well as customer requests. It integrates with best of breed quoting tools. Provide comprehensive client support by effectively managing SLAs with a high degree of visibility. Track when project work starts and ends, and prevent those time consuming and costly scheduling errors. Receive alerts from preset warranty and maintenance agreement notifications, letting you know a client visit is in order. You can also manage licensing and support agreements, helping your client stay in compliance while systems remain up and running. You also receive first-rate support and tools for marketing product upgrades and enhancements, making sure your clients are using state-of-the-art equipment and products, and maintaining their competitive edge.

ConnectWise provides you with full control of and visibility into:

  • Procurement and Inventory  
  • Help Desk  
  • Time Tracking  
  • Sales and Marketing  
  • Flexible Invoicing  

Process Automation for System Integrators

Success as a System Integrator is all about establishing good growth for your company by delighting clients and establishing good growth in their respective businesses. While it can be challenging, the 360 perspective you gain via ConnectWise helps make both your business and your clients' businesses more manageable. You gain the information you must have to answer client questions and offer assurance when clients experience problems. ConnectWise enables you to set the foundations for good growth in the follow ways:

Delight Your Clients -  Establish touch points with your clients through the various processes that govern how you do business with them. They see what you are doing on their behalf and they experience the excellence with which you accomplish tasks. Reduce the resources and time required to support the client while still maintaining high levels of service due to increased efficiencies. Maintain a complete audit trail of every client-related task, helping them understand what you do, why you do it and what it costs. Track time spent on client-related tasks accurately. When clients have questions, have answers at your fingertips. Manage projects in a timely manner while reducing errors in Purchase Orders and installs.

Increase Profitability -  Achieve a higher rate of accuracy on Purchase Orders by reducing errors. Track all purchase activity and get swift and insightful analysis of purchase trends, costs and more. Manage your ability to meet or exceed SLAs through awareness of potential issues and concerns before they become problems. Track all time spent on client activities accurately, and bill that time promptly, keeping your cash flow moving. Understand when and why resources and personnel are exceeding agreed-upon schedules. Use the ability to accurately track time in order to get the full picture of a product's cost with analysis that goes beyond margins and considers people and other resources in the cost equation. Ensure proper billing of client maintenance and support agreements. ConnectWise also helps you identify up sell opportunities such as extended warranties.

Use Resources Effectively -  When equipment or products arrive, have them automatically scheduled for install and entered into projects as tasks. Track the installs and record all time spent accurately. Know what has been done and what is still left to do. Client support agreements are continually visible, as well as current client pay/non-pay status, ensuring your resources are assigned appropriately. Shipments can be received all at once or as individual components; Track items in the way that best suits your business.

Built for Your Business Needs

Achieving success as a System Integrator depends on the level of control you exert over your key business processes, especially Procurement and Inventory. ConnectWise is the tool of choice for those looking to gain the control that makes their businesses more manageable, as well as more effective in serving clients. ConnectWise enables you to set the foundation for service excellence with the following feature set:

Procurement and Inventory – Manage products throughout their complete lifecyle, from purchase to receiving to inventory to install. ConnectWise can be configured to work with either serialized or non-serialized products. Inventoried products can be tracked down to the individual technician level, increasing awareness and eliminating loss. Once products are received, key parties are notified by auto-alerts.

Help Desk – Customers send messages directly to your service board, so you are continually aware of the status of existing issues and new issues as well. Authorize returns by pressing a few keys and track the progress of RMAs. Your clients can also track the progress of RMAs through the customer portal. Set specific rules for recognizing certain conditions for individual accounts and trigger alerts, which assign, dispatch, prioritize and escalate trouble tickets automatically. Track progress toward resolution according to the parameters outlined in each individual client service agreement, whether that is on a per incident basis, the number of calls or any other metric that works for you and your clients. Prioritize client service requests with push-button simplicity, and notify your clients of new releases or patches the same way. All of these features better enable you to track your performance against negotiated service levels.

Time Tracking – ConnectWise features comprehensive time tracking tools that help you understand where money and resources are spent in the course of doing business. A few keystrokes and time is entered accurately, providing you with an audit trail of the time spent sourcing products or handling client calls. When projects encounter circumstances that force them to exceed quoted estimates for time spent, ConnectWise notifies you automatically. At the end of the day, it gives you a thorough understanding of all the time involved in purchasing, ordering, fulfillment, and related tasks and projects. We know this will change how you view your business, as well as how much you will appreciate the control and visibility ConnectWise makes possible.

Sales and Marketing – ConnectWise unifies your front and back office activities so that they mesh in a more productive and efficient manner. We help ensure that opportunities are managed effectively, and all your best efforts go toward winning new business. Develop targeted marketing campaigns by using a fully integrated client and prospect database. Focus on new product upgrades and promotions, while capturing notes and information regarding possible client opportunities. Identify upsell opportunities that arise during the course of daily business and client interactions. Develop campaigns that capture and engage prospects in dramatic fashion.

Partner Experiences: ConnectWise Was Right For My Business

At ConnectWise, we have many Partners who make their living as System Integrators. They find the control and informational analysis our system provides for them to be invaluable in keeping their businesses moving forward and growing. In fact, their enthusiasm can be infectious, and their willingness to share best practices with others in our community of Partners can help ensure that you start off quickly on the path toward having greater command of every aspect of your business. Listen as they share their stories of why ConnectWise was right for them.


Larry Shulman
Larry Shulman, LMS Technical Services


Ted Warner
Ted Warner, Connecting Point

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Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.

Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.